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Phoenix Contact Industrial Ethernet wireless communication technology landed in Shancheng

on May 28, 2010, the industrial Ethernet and wireless communication technology application Summit Forum was held in Shancheng Chongqing. The conference hall of intercontinental Chongqing Hotel, which accommodates more than 150 people, was full. Users from electronic manufacturing, automobile, military industry, machine tools, packaging machinery and other industries attended the conference

Mr. zhaochunfeng, manager of Phoenix Contact automation marketing department, first briefly introduced to the audience the 87 year development process of Phoenix Contact in the past 87 years, in which the utilization and innovation of modified materials in the Philippines have promoted the innovation of household appliances. In Germany, phoenix contact is the standard of industrial automation. Therefore, it is reasonable to believe that the rest of its business can offer the most perfect products and solutions to Chinese users. From the earliest interbus+ fieldbus scheme to profinet+ wireless technology, which is increasingly accepted and recognized by users today, Phoenix Contact provides users with more application options in the fields of transportation, electric power, wind power, metallurgy, tobacco, logistics, shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing and so on

for wireless communication solutions and network security issues that users are concerned about, the operation is simple and safe. Yang Rui, an engineer of automatic network products, brought a wonderful speech entitled "wireless is more reliable and safe", involving wireless and Ethernet. Phoenix contact has Bluetooth, industrial Ethernet WLAN, trustwireless and other wireless technologies. In terms of network security, Phoenix Contact provides users with triple protection of network security from the physical layer, data link layer and network layer. The application cases of many novel technical products at home and abroad have aroused great interest of the audience, and the positive communication with the audience has also pushed the on-site atmosphere to the peak

similarly, Rockwell and other brands from the industry also showed their characteristics and highlights in the field of network technology and wireless, presenting a prosperous scene of a hundred schools of thought contending and a hundred flowers blooming in the industrial Ethernet field for the audience, and also indicating the unparalleled popularity and popularity of Ethernet technology, which is developing rapidly in the industrial field at present

ensure that the experimental machine will not be overloaded and damaged

finally, in the warm applause, the Chongqing station of the industrial Ethernet and wireless communication technology application Summit Forum came to a successful conclusion

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