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Philips vacuum cleaner small hand-held powerful high-power Mini fc8632 how to use evaluation

Philips vacuum cleaner household small hand-held powerful high-power Mini fc8632 multi-functional mite removal new product

1700W power suction adjustable dust removal filter upgraded suction nozzle, the following collection of user evaluation, for the reference of friends in need

I. how about Philips vacuum cleaner small hand-held powerful high-power Mini fc8632, OK

first use experience: the quality is very good, which is completely consistent with the seller's description, very satisfied, really like it, and completely exceed the expected value. The price rise tide of SBS rubber originated in the upstream coal, steel, paper and other industries is surging, and the glue has good elasticity and crack self-healing ability. The goods are very fast, the packaging is very careful and tight, the service attitude of the logistics company is very good, and the delivery speed is very fast, Very satisfied with a shopping

re evaluate after using it for a period of time: Please Click to view details to avoid dust entering the internal detailed evaluation comments

II Philips vacuum cleaner fc8632 configuration parameters [

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Product Name: philips/Philips fc8632

warranty period: 24 months

Power: 1700W

Vacuum cleaner brand: philips/Philips

Philips model: fc8632

maximum noise: 80dB

Color Classification: flame red

function: dry

the total investment is 18.9 billion yuan; 57

vacuum cleaners of the proposed project type: horizontal

dust storage type: cyclone dust box

line length: 6m

special suction nozzle type: clean cyclone suction nozzle corner folding brush head

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