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Philips Lighting donated energy-saving LED bulbs to Xiangxi Miao people

Philips Lighting, a global lighting leading enterprise, recently announced that during the 2017 national energy conservation publicity week, the company's volunteer team went to Tampa village, Tampa Town, Baojing County, Xiangxi Tujia Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Hunan Province to participate in the launch of the Xiangxi energy-saving LED bulb donation project. Through this project, Philips Lighting will donate 10000 energy-saving LED bulbs to poor mountain villages in Xiangxi Prefecture to improve lighting conditions for more than 2100 families, involving nearly 10000 people. Leaders and guests from the national energy conservation center, China Energy Conservation Association, Xiangxi people's government, national development and Reform Commission, energy conservation center, China Environmental Protection Foundation and other relevant departments attended the event

eight villages in Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Hunan Province, including Tampa village and Yuejin Village, belong to national poverty-stricken counties, with a total population of nearly 10000 people. Most villagers use traditional high-energy lighting products in their homes, and lighting electricity accounts for a large proportion of the overall household energy consumption. After understanding the local demand for energy-saving and environmental protection lighting products, under the guidance of the Department of environmental protection and resources of the national development and Reform Commission, the national energy conservation center and the China Energy Conservation Association jointly launched a project to donate energy-saving LED bulbs to the local area. The project has been welcomed and strongly supported by the people's government and Xiangxi energy conservation center. Philips Lighting and China Environmental Protection Foundation actively responded to the call, and all parties worked together to plan and carry out the donation project

at the ceremony, Xu Zhiqiang, deputy director of the national energy conservation center, pointed out that the Chinese government attaches great importance to energy conservation and emission reduction and coping with climate change, takes resource conservation and environmental protection as basic national policies, and lighting power conservation is an important aspect of promoting the realization of energy conservation and emission reduction goals. The national energy conservation center and the China Energy Conservation Association jointly planned the donation of energy-saving lamps to Xiangxi Prefecture. On the one hand, they can make modest contributions to the poverty alleviation work in Xiangxi. On the other hand, they hope to further enhance everyone's awareness of energy conservation and emission reduction, promote the concept of green development and lifestyle, and bring a more comfortable and bright lighting environment to the production and life of Xiangxi people. Fang Qing, vice president and Secretary General of China Energy Conservation Association, issued a call to the people present and staff in the field of energy conservation, hoping that everyone would take action together to protect the green mountains and rivers in Western Hunan, and pay attention to ecological protection and green development in the future development process

after the ceremony, the party went to the farmer's home in Tampa village to choose the appropriate size of their company's products and replace LED bulbs. The volunteer team composed of Philips Lighting staff and partners also went to the tamping sand center school to give students a scientific course, teach lighting knowledge, popularize the concept of energy conservation, so as to encourage teenagers to improve their awareness of environmental protection, and advocate a green way of life through practical actions

the theme of 2017 national energy conservation publicity week is "energy conservation has me, green sharing". Philips Lighting actively responded to the theme of the event and brought the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection into the research process of laser 3D printing with its expertise in technology and products. Philips Lighting is committed to fulfilling its commitment to sustainable development globally and fulfilling the corporate society. In China, Philips Lighting has been carrying out social public welfare activities for nearly 20 years, and will continue to give back to the Chinese society with the vision of building a "bright life, a better world"

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