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Philips shenxiaohui: the net profit of Philips Lighting increased by 88.7%

with the rise of LED lighting, the decline of traditional lighting market is an indisputable fact. However, even in the era of LED lighting, the fierce price war has left painful memories for new and old players

since 2015, the replacement cycle of LED lighting has gradually slowed down, and the entire LED lighting industry has fallen into a painful period. Old players OSRAM and Ge have stripped off the embarrassing lighting business, or sold or exited. New players have been defeated several times, or stopped losing and changed careers, or worked hard. Here is a brief introduction to the precautions for the protection and maintenance of instruments and meters: hold

the rapid rise of LED lighting is inseparable from the popularity of alternative lamps. Simple and easy to change bulbs and tubes are affordable and easy to install. Ordinary people can also buy them home and replace them directly. On the other hand, it is easy for manufacturers to produce. Standardized specifications can easily realize automatic assembly, automatic detection, automatic packaging, and large-scale production, which makes the cost as low as it is very competitive with traditional lighting products

however, this is not the way of LED. Simple replacement of lamps and lanterns did not give full play to the energy-saving advantages of LED, but it was led bulbs and tubes with low energy efficiency that swept the world, and the luminous efficiency did not fully reflect the level of LED luminous efficiency. A high degree of product homogeneity and excessive price competition have made most of the manufacturers involved lose money if they don't

is there a new way to go

on July 21, Philips Lighting disclosed its performance in the first half of 2017. In the first half of 2017, it achieved sales of 3.389 billion euros, and its net income increased by 88.7% to 134 million euros compared with the same period of the previous year

this is the only one among the three traditional global lighting giants that has not fallen into the dilemma of selling themselves, but has fought a bloody battle in the increasingly competitive LED lighting market

it is the LED lighting business that supports Philips Lighting to maintain net profit growth at the time of the 18% decline in the traditional lighting lamps business

why do we owe a lot? Who does who loses LED lighting? When it comes to Philips Lighting, it has become a god of the sea

this is because LED lighting, in Philips Lighting, has never been a replacement for bulbs and tubes, but an indispensable terminal of intelligent lighting interconnection system

in the world of Philips' intelligent lighting interconnection system, each lamp is interconnected with the intelligent system, so as to achieve high-quality and reliable lighting, which not only realizes the basic function of energy saving, but also can be used as a way to obtain the information and provide services of Huaze cobalt nickel, providing users and managers with additional value beyond the lighting function

each lamp in the system has a unique identification and is seamlessly integrated into the IT network of the building or city, and shares information about the status and operation of these lamps. After equipped with integrated sensors, each lamp becomes an intelligent lamp, which can share information about people's presence, activity mode, changes in temperature or humidity, and sunlight level. By integrating wireless communication with lighting systems, city managers or businesses can provide location-based services and related information for people in the lighting space through mobile applications

application of intelligent interconnection system in outdoor public space

beautiful design and intelligent management of outdoor lighting can improve the quality of streets, attract tourists and bring a sense of security to tourists and residents, thus helping to promote community prosperity

the adoption of an interconnected LED lighting system makes the city stand out from the competition, making it a valuable destination, while helping to achieve the goals of sustainable development and energy conservation

by virtue of remote monitoring, intelligent asset management, intelligent dimming according to the scene and intelligent energy measurement, city managers can simplify the management workflow and minimize costs for the city, while bringing the best experience to tourists and residents

Mr. shenxiaohui of Philips Lighting once shared a practical case. In flight, you can automatically reset the whole process by pressing the reset key on the main interface. The street lamp platform provided by Philips for Los Angeles integrates a gunshot detection system, which can timely locate the location and time of the shooting according to the gunshot, and dispatch police and medical assistance in time. Los Angeles city managers said that if the transformation of new street lights can save lives, the effect of this investment is priceless

application of intelligent Internet system in offices and industrial places

when we visit a customer, we always have to look at the decoration design of the company and the staff's office environment to increase our intuitive impression of the company and feel the style of the company. Those large international enterprises in high-end office buildings often give people a feeling of being tall, while factories living in remote industrial areas are another feeling. Does the difference only come from the different properties and locations

according to the research results of human factors lighting, lighting in offices and industrial places has a far-reaching impact on employees' comfort, productivity and work enthusiasm. There is an important relationship between light and physiological rhythm (that is, the "biological clock" that controls human sleep and wakefulness cycles, stimulation and relaxation). A well-designed lighting experience (i.e. emitting the right type and brightness of light at the right time and lasting for the right time) can have a positive impact on concentration, relaxation, sleep patterns, and overall health and comfort

high quality lighting and attractive environment can add points to the company's image, help you recruit and retain high-value employees, and improve the total value of the company's office facilities. Many international companies attach great importance to lighting design in their offices, which is an important reason why customers and employees feel that their offices are tall

Philips intelligent interconnected lighting system can comprehensively use control strategies to accurately manage facility lighting, so that enterprises and factories can provide safe and efficient lighting. It has become the best lighting required by an emerging industry to perform tasks. By combining lamps with cutting-edge control devices and integrated management systems, enterprises can simplify business activities while achieving energy conservation and ensuring a good office environment and employee satisfaction

application of intelligent Internet system in shopping malls and hotels

customers usually make purchase decisions spontaneously when shopping. At present, it is more and more convenient for consumers to use their intelligence to obtain a variety of information when they browse the goods on the shelf. If it is found that there are more cost-effective transactions in other places, it may be difficult for offline physical stores to win this business

the intelligent Internet lighting system launched by Philips allows you to provide customers with a better shopping experience in the store, thereby transforming transactions into in store sales

with integrated sensors and wireless communication, Philips intelligent Internet lighting system has created an indoor positioning system, which can accurately locate customers in the store, allowing merchants to directly send targeted information to customers who come to the physical store through specially designed mobile shopping applications. Merchants can also send better product information to customers or provide special discounts to guests entering the store, so as to help them reach a deal

in the intelligent Internet lighting system, the lighting of stores bears the dual mission of world-class professional lighting and accurate indoor positioning platform. With a specially designed mobile shopping app, shoppers can navigate to find items on their shopping list, find new products, and even receive coupons based on their location in the store

now, merchants can provide shoppers with relevant information and discounts at the precise point of sale when they need it most and receive it most conveniently. Improving the shopping experience by creating close and dynamic contacts with customers is a win-win move: customers can enjoy more convenience, while stores can increase sales. Commercial enterprises that have adopted Philips intelligent interconnected LED lighting system include Gucci, laurel, Harold department store, bizuu, Lafayette department store, etc

Gucci, the world's top luxury brand, opened its seventh branch in Shanghai at iapm square, covering an area of about 1500 square meters. Gucci is the first luxury brand to adopt the concept of green and environmental protection. This store is also the world's leading retail store that completely adopts LED lights. Philips Lighting solutions, in accordance with the needs and brand image of Gucci, provide opteco personalized customized lamps and a series of supporting services, which are both functional and flexible. It has raised the high-quality color rendering, light efficiency, light color consistency, glare elimination and institutional design of the lighting of Gucci store to a new level, and also focused on energy conservation and environmental protection, helping the store obtain the gold certification of green building certification service (LEED)

this is obviously what led lighting should look like. Pale and dazzling, strobe and dim, you must have bought fake LED lighting products. Philips' LED lighting products have given new capabilities to LED lighting, revealing the possibility that led lighting is completely different from LED lighting in general impression in public lighting, commercial lighting, office lighting and industrial lighting

these powerful, beautiful, simple, practical, ubiquitous and invisible intelligent and interconnected LED lighting systems enhance the use value of customers, which is the original intention of customers who are willing to pay several times more than cheap led to buy Philips products

also said that led lighting doesn't make money, and it's hard for you to do it. Wake up quickly. Philips Lighting is calling you to do intelligent Internet LED lights

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