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Phoenix contact has been listed in the "top 100 electric companies" for eight consecutive years, and has been awarded the top 10 innovative companies.

on December 7, 2012, the 9th China Electric Industry Development Summit Forum and the 13th China electric industry top 100 research and release activities were grandly held in Beijing, under the guidance of the China Machinery Industry Federation, the China Electrical Engineering Society, and the China Electrical Industry Association, and sponsored by the mechanical media electric times magazine

with the theme of innovative development of green intelligence for the use of dynamic analyzer products, the forum invited government officials, industry experts, enterprise representatives and industry users to jointly discuss and share the development situation of the electrical industry, industry user needs and innovative development strategies, so as to promote the sustainable development of the industry. In order to deeply explore the development situation and technical trends of the water industry, smart electricity and petrochemical industries, the Forum opened a sub forum for the first time, making the industry exchanges more professional and refined

Phoenix Contact China has been invited to attend the forum for many years. At this forum, Ms. Miao Jinghong, head of control system and industry solution marketing organization, and Mr. Zhao Chunfeng, manager of automation marketing department, delivered wonderful speeches at the main forum and the sub forum of water industry respectively. Ms. Miao Jinghong introduced to the guests the development strategy of phoenix contact during the transformation period, which requires the precision and quality of workpieces in the Philippines to be processed in a higher way, and showed how phoenix contact, as one of the representative enterprises of China Germany cooperation, can create the future and create a basic platform for a new development period through strategic changes when facing the huge pressure of the transformation period of overcapacity, rising costs, drastic market changes and structural adjustment in China, Evolve the vitality facing the future. Ms. Miao Jinghong's speech was fully affirmed by Mr. Xu Dingming, counselor of the State Council and director of the energy department of the former national development and Reform Commission, who spoke later. In the period of economic transformation, enterprises need not only new products and new industries, but also new thinking. Mr. zhaochunfeng introduced the automation solutions of Phoenix Contact water industry to the delegates at the sub forum of water industry. The automation solutions of Phoenix Contact water industry with the keywords of comprehensive automation, first to the end, intelligence, distribution, energy efficiency management, etc. won the honor of Mr. Sun Bolin, chairman of the sub Forum and director of the expert advisory committee of the Chinese society of automation Mr. chenyunzhen, chief engineer of Beijing water industry automation, and other forum guests unanimously recognized

at the forum, the Institute of machinery industry information released the 13th Research Report on the top 100 of China's electrical industry. Phoenix Contact China has been shortlisted for eight consecutive years to see whether the experimental results meet the requirements of the top 100 in the electrical industry, and won the top 10 in terms of innovation by virtue of the concept of local innovation leading the future, excellent market performance and strong development prospects

Miao Jinghong, head of Phoenix Contact China's control system and industry solution marketing organization, delivered a speech

Zhao Chunfeng, manager of Phoenix Contact China's automation marketing department, delivered a speech

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