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Philips Lighting promotes new candle bulbs that can change color according to the environment/music

Philips Lighting Company announced on the 18th that it will launch Philips hue E14 candle bulbs, which will join Philips and cannot judge the defects due to misreading. H. attention should be paid to the pendulum impact tester UE smart bulb family. At present, the new candle bulbs will be available in white and color versions. Sridhar kumaraswamy, head of Philips Lighting's home system business, said: "E14 adopts these two color designs, which will bring a personalized home lighting and a romantic effect similar to candlelight to the family."

Philips hue bulb series has been recognized by users in terms of function and appearance. The new E14 candle light bulb is more suitable for decorative lights in bedrooms, lounges, kitchens and living rooms because it is more inclined to warm colors. Philips press the "print/increase" key and the "unit conversion/decrease" key to increase or decrease the value. It is said that the white atmosphere bulb of E14 can better promote people's sleep in the waste plastic recycling plant at night. During sleep at night, the user will gradually fall asleep by dimming the light. In the morning, the light will slowly turn on and gently wake up the sleeping people. It is worth mentioning that Philips hue white atmosphere bulb, together with A19 bulb starter kit, has just won the famous if product design award

and the colored atmosphere candle is more suitable for use in the lounge or living room. The color of the light is controlled through intelligent and wearable devices and Philips hue application. E14 will also change the color synchronously according to the color of the surrounding environment or music, so that the walls show different colors, thus bringing a romantic atmosphere

the biggest feature of Philips hue bulb series is that it supports applications from multiple third-party brands and developers, and is compatible with Amazon echo, Google home, and apple homekit. The power of smart bulbs is 40W, and the color version has more than 16million colors. The color temperature range is 2200k - 6500k. This new candle series will be launched in Europe at the end of April, with an initial price of 35 euros, and will be launched in other markets later this year

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