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Philips leads the global lighting market, and the reputation of sunshine lighting is at the bottom.

recently, rule of law weekend, in conjunction with a third-party public opinion monitoring agency, selected the top ten lighting brands with high activity in the market to conduct a reputation monitoring study, and issued the "reputation monitoring report on top ten lighting brands (2017)" (hereinafter referred to as the "report"). Based on the report, the rule of law weekend interprets and explains the online reputation performance of various brands


in May 2016, Philips separated its lighting business and listed it independently. The market value of Philips Lighting reached 3billion euros, becoming the world's largest independent lighting manufacturer. In the first half of 2017, Philips Lighting revenue exceeded 26billion. Globally, Philips Lighting is in the leading position in terms of scale, volume and brand influence

in the Chinese market, Philips has a good grasp of the pace of product innovation, channel control, brand publicity, etc. Although facing the competition of many domestic brands and new pressure in operation, its technology and brand advantages are still difficult to be shaken in a short period of time

in 2016, Philips Lighting publicly displayed its latest intelligent interconnected LED lighting system and products in the era of IOT in China. The industry believes that this shows that the focus of Philips Lighting products is shifting to intelligent Internet lighting, and began to change from "selling products" to "selling services". It also reveals the intention of actively adapting to the new normal of the development of the lighting industry and transforming into a service provider providing high added value

from the data of public opinion monitoring, Philips Lighting performs well in the two indicators of brand popularity and brand reputation, among which the brand reputation score is the highest. In terms of negative public opinion, the value is high, mainly reflected in the business challenges in the Chinese market. In general, Philips Lighting ranks first among the top ten brands in terms of word-of-mouth scores

OPP lighting, which has been deeply involved in the lighting industry for 20 years, has grown into a leading brand in the industry and has a broad market radiation. In terms of performance, the progress of OPP lighting in recent years is very interesting, especially in the past three years, the performance has reached a new level from "3billion yuan" to "4billion yuan" and then to "5billion yuan" every year

the industry believes that the progress of OPP is rooted in the improvement of quality. Opp pays more attention to product research and development. For example, in the research and development of smart products, OPP integrates its own resources and works with Huawei and other large enterprises to develop smart new products, meeting people's needs for convenient and intelligent household products

driven by the strategy of "developing both home and business", OPP has achieved stable development in the field of home lighting and commercial lighting. For example, in the field of commercial lighting, the fresh lamp launched by OPP, which uses the unique spectrum control technology to make the food show natural light color and look more fresh and attractive, has become the first choice of many large supermarkets. In the field of home lighting, a number of fashionable lighting products launched by OPP for young consumer groups have been widely praised, highlighting the young and personalized brand image

according to the report, OPP's brand popularity and brand reputation account for the top three, and its performance in terms of reputation damage is slightly inferior to that of Philips, OSRAM and other brands. By comprehensive comparison, OPP's reputation ranks second after Philips


OSRAM is one of the world's two leading lighting manufacturers. Benefiting from the continued high demand for optoelectronic semiconductors and the still strong demand in the automotive industry, OSRAM's revenue in the third quarter of this year reached 1.06 billion euros, which is a gratifying situation

OSRAM has four production bases and R & D centers in China, focusing on the R & D and production of light sources, electronic control devices, led systems, lamps and related equipment. The total number of employees in China is more than 10000. At the same time, OSRAM is stepping up the implementation of the localization strategy of the Chinese market and plans to build Wuxi factory into an Asian manufacturing center

monitoring data shows that OSRAM performs well in terms of brand popularity and brand reputation, both of which are in the forefront, but it is not dominant compared with Philips and opp. In terms of brand reputation damage, OSRAM performed better, with less negative information. Overall, OSRAM's reputation ranks third among the top ten brands behind opp

Foshan Lighting

as a veteran lighting enterprise, Foshan Lighting (000541, Guba) has invested a lot of money in recent years in technology research and development, launched high-quality innovative products, accelerated the listing cycle of new products, actively promoted the automatic transformation and upgrading of production equipment, and worked hard to promote the transformation of enterprises to intelligent manufacturing. At the same time, it has vigorously laid out the automotive lighting industry, established Foshan Lighting Zhida Electrical Technology Co., Ltd., and cross-border development of electricians, Remarkable results have been achieved. In 2016, Foshan Lighting achieved an operating revenue of 3.366 billion yuan and a net profit of 1.072 billion yuan, achieving both growth and harvest in operating revenue and net profit, and the brand's social influence and public reliability also continued to improve

from the public opinion monitoring data, the brand popularity and brand reputation of Foshan Lighting are slightly lower than those of international giants and Rex; In terms of negative information, the absolute total amount is also slightly higher than that of Philips and OSRAM, but less than that of Rex and Op. In the comprehensive score of word-of-mouth, Foshan Lighting ranked fourth

Rex lighting

as the "big brother" of domestic lighting enterprises, Rex lighting has always been in a leading position in the field of commercial lighting. In recent years, it has begun to spare no effort in the field of home lighting, realizing the dual engine growth mode of "business lighting home"

in 2017, Rexroth lighting continued to deepen its layout in the home furnishing field. Following the signing of the smart city of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Rex group and Haier home and other enterprises jointly established the "Rex smart R & D center" and the "Rex integrated house design center" to further the field of smart home

the progress in e-commerce channels has become a key to the improvement of Rex's performance. According to Rex group, in 2016, the annual e-commerce revenue of Rex group increased by 92% year-on-year compared with 2015, and the pre tax profit increased by 145% compared with the same period

the monitoring data of online reputation shows that Rexroth lighting has excellent performance in two indicators: brand popularity and brand reputation, both of which are in the top two. However, there are many negative public opinions, ranking first in the top ten brands. Information about equity infighting and quality problems are more common on the Internet. According to the monitoring data,

Rex lighting ranks fifth in terms of its comprehensive reputation

Panasonic lighting

as a major lighting manufacturer in Japan, Panasonic has always had a very beautiful performance in Japan, and is well deserved to be the first brand in Japan. But in the Chinese market, its popularity is much less popular. In the view of the outside world, Panasonic lighting still faces many problems in its development in China. For example, the profitability and expansion speed of its franchise stores have been repeatedly questioned

from the perspective of public opinion monitoring, Panasonic lighting products' technology has been highly praised. For example, in August this year, Panasonic lighting launched "shiyueguang" series of new products, which have more advanced features such as "shiyueguang color matching function", "Shijing Bluetooth control system" and "Meiguang color technology", and have attracted widespread attention in the industry. But at the same time, the media and friends' comments and feedback on Panasonic's "single product" and "low cost performance" are also seen from time to time, which damage the brand image, but the verticality provided by closing is greater

the monitoring data shows that Panasonic lighting has a low brand popularity during the monitoring period, and there is a large gap with Philips, OPP, Rex and other brands; In terms of brand reputation and reputation damage, the performance is also mediocre. According to the report, Panasonic lighting's comprehensive reputation ranks sixth behind Leishi lighting

Sanxiong Aurora

Sanxiong aurora is a manufacturer committed to developing and producing high-quality, high-grade green energy-saving lighting products. Since its inception, it has maintained a rapid pace of development, and has been successfully listed this year. p>

the monitoring data shows that during the monitoring period, the performance of three male aurora is in the middle and lower reaches of the top ten brands in terms of brand popularity and brand reputation. The performance of brand reputation is acceptable, and the total amount of negative information is not much. On the whole, Sanxiong Aurora ranks seventh in terms of its comprehensive reputation

Midea and TCL

Midea Lighting Electric is a wholly-owned company of Midea Group. Relying on Midea's mature channels and brand advantages in the field of home appliances, Midea lighting has opened the lighting market and gradually become one of the mainstream lighting brands

in recent years, Midea lighting has continued to go deep into the terminal market, and has reached strategic cooperation with country garden, Vanke, poly and other large real estate developers, expanding the market layout and strengthening the brand influence. In 2016, Midea lighting achieved a 35% growth against the trend

among the top ten lighting brands selected this time, Midea ranks eighth, and there is much room for improvement. What affects Midea lighting's reputation is mainly the low brand popularity score. At the same time, the information about Midea lighting products occasionally appearing on the quality inspection black list also has an impact on the brand phenomenon. In addition, many views on the Internet also believe that relying on the resource advantages of Midea Group, the development of Midea lighting is slightly lagging behind

it is better to add a V-shaped platform to the small cylinder, which is similar to Midea lighting. TCL lighting also relies on the abundant resources of the parent group, and its natural advantages are obvious. As one of the mainstream brands in the industry, TCL lighting has a good brand image, and its integrated home project has attracted more attention

but on the whole, compared with the industry giant brands, there is also a gap in the brand popularity of TCL lighting. In addition, compared with Midea lighting, TCL lighting has slightly more negative information. According to the report, TCL lighting ranks ninth behind Midea in terms of its comprehensive reputation

sunshine lighting

sunshine lighting is the first private listed enterprise in the domestic lighting industry, and it is also one of the largest energy-saving lamp production and export bases in China at present

in recent years, due to the achievements of product transformation and the strengthening of channel construction, sunshine lighting has made significant progress in development, and its performance is relatively strong. Its revenue has surpassed that of Foshan Lighting, and its industry position is rising

according to the public opinion monitoring data, sunshine lighting performs better in brand popularity than Midea, TCL, Panasonic and other brands; In terms of reputation damage, the performance is also quite bright, and the absolute total amount of negative information is the lowest among the top ten brands. Unfortunately, sunshine lighting is lack of brand reputation, and this score is in the last place. This shows that the brand communication of sunshine lighting on Weibo, and other we media platforms still needs to be vigorously strengthened and maintained to better convey brand value and establish product image

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