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Phoenix Contact's flower blooms OEM machine design technology seminar

phoenix contact made a brilliant debut at the OEM machine design technology seminar during the 2009 Industrial Expo, which is another dedication after Phoenix Contact successfully sponsored the first OEM forum in 2008

Phoenix Contact humidification group is a world-class professional manufacturer of electrical connections that provides world-class products and high-quality services for power, electronics, communications, machinery, construction, petroleum, chemical industry, aviation, transportation, railway transportation, automobile manufacturing, and industrial automation industries

this year, Phoenix Contact China sent two strong Generals: Yang Rui, senior product marketing engineer of automation, and Xue Xiaoqin, marketing engineer of safety products, to the industrial department who participated in the OEM forum, and then carefully installed the extension plan on the sample. The technical elite brought the analysis of Bluetooth wireless i/o and mechanical safety standards

Phoenix Contact wireless I/O products adopt 2, 4GHz broadband transmission mode realized by frequency hopping spread spectrum system. 79 "frequency hopping" channels can realize 1600 times per second and develop rich energy-saving schemes from various angles. The wireless I/O module and the base station realize automatic communication control, and ensure that the transmission of system signals is completed within 10ms. The module is also configured with an id-plug for communication configuration. The connection parameters are transmitted between the base station and the wireless I/O module, and can be integrated into common Fieldbus networks, such as INTERBUS and PROFIBUS

wireless i/o is becoming more and more popular in renovation and expansion projects, and is often used to help cut costs. Wireless i/o system is not only used for data acquisition, but also can be successfully used in some closed-loop control applications. Wireless i/o can transmit analog and discrete sensor signals

the introduction of Bluetooth technology is more like adding strength to Phoenix Contact's wireless technology. The above is how technicians share with you the relevant knowledge of how to distinguish different configurations of hydraulic universal testing machines and protection and maintenance. The five advantages of Bluetooth, such as fast and efficient, easy installation, reliable fastening, high system density and excellent WLAN compatibility, should not be underestimated

engineer Xue Xiaoqin has a deep understanding of the market situation and future development of safety products, as well as an in-depth study of EU safety standards. The "analysis of safety standards for machinery industry" she brought attracted wide attention of the guests

with the development of modern technology, "machine safety" has become a hot concept, and safety has become the hottest topic in the industry. China is a big producer and user of machinery and equipment, but it is not a strong country. How to design a complete safety control loop to meet the EU safety legal standards, meet export needs, and improve the market competitiveness of products is a topic that every mechanical equipment manufacturer must consider. On December 29th, 2009, the old standard EN will be abolished. How to understand and apply the new functional safety standard ISO is a top priority

at this OEM mechanical design technology seminar, the two topics brought by Phoenix Contact not only refreshed everyone here, but also left a deep impression on the guests. The flower of Phoenix Contact is blooming brightly over China's industrial field

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