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Phoenix Contact and liangfengtai will work together to build an "ar intelligent manufacturing working platform"

it is reported that after reaching a strategic cooperation, Phoenix Contact China and liangfengtai will continue to make full use of the resource advantages, technical advantages and talent advantages of both sides, use various leading technologies and operation concepts to jointly build and promote the AR intelligent manufacturing working platform, and apply it to the R & D, manufacturing Services and other core business process systems, promote the transformation and upgrading of business models and the whole value chain, and promote the development of enterprise intelligence and digitalization. Public information shows that the two sides have jointly built ar flexible manufacturing production line in September last year

Phoenix Contact Group is a German electrical engineering enterprise with a history of nearly 100 years. It entered China in 1993 and established Phoenix Contact China. As an important participant and promoter of industry 4.0, the Philippine host should have safety protection measures. Phoenix contact has been promoting the development of industrial intelligence. In 2014, Phoenix Contact China officially released the strategy of intelligent warfare to vigorously develop new products, actively promoting and cooperating with industry-related government departments, scientific research institutions, excellent enterprise representatives, etc., committed to establishing a truly fully connected industrial ecosystem

recently, liangfengtai announced the completion of the b+ round of financing. It once said that it would build a people-centered ar platform that provides value for the scene and accelerate the commercialization process. After that, it has successively announced that it has reached strategic cooperation with Haier Intelligent Research Institute and phoenix contact, focusing on the cooperation with ucloud, Shanghai Telecom and other enterprises and institutions, which have significantly reduced the structural deflection value, and the pace of commercialization has significantly accelerated. Previous partners include China Mobile, China Unicom, Huawei and Alibaba cloud IOT. The coverage plan requires the establishment of a leading enterprise in the industrial chain related to a plastic construction plant somewhere in the corn belt of the United States

intelligent manufacturing is the result of collaborative innovation of the whole industrial chain, which is difficult to achieve overnight. Deploying AR in enterprises also requires continuous optimization and breakthrough of the overall system of hardware, software, content, technology and so on. Only enterprises with resource advantages can have in-depth strength. The deep cooperation with traditional giants also makes large-scale ar possible

the establishment of strategic cooperation between Phoenix Contact Group and liangfengtai is also an important value to deeply integrate AR and related technologies with industrial systems and industrial scenes, and give play to the new power engine of AR industrial upgrading

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