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Philips launched RFID chips that meet industry standards

Philips Electronics launched ucode EPC 1.19, an RFID chip that meets global rules, supporting the industrialization of u-easy products and the HF global product electronic code (EPCglobal) standardization campaign. The new chip is used for pallet and packaging box identification, and supports 96 bit EPCglobal coding standardization. TPE supply will be tight, which will help retailers and suppliers meet the requirements of class G2 EPCglobal standard in the shortest time. If the experimental software does not calculate the yield point of the sample in the tensile test of metal samples. Users in the retail and supply chain industries of the chip can make full use of 256 bit read/write memory to store additional information on the chip when needed. With this single chip, EPC architecture can be widely used in logistics and supply chain industries around the world to cope with the global food waste crisis. Ucode EPC 1.19, which has been put into use, can operate within the range of 5.7m (write)/8.2m (read) in American standards and 5.2m (write)/7.4m (read) in European standards. The chip has a collision free speed of 150 tags per second

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