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New product of latex powder for external wall insulation unveiled in Europe

new product of latex powder for external wall insulation unveiled in Europe

July 6, 2005

recently, a new latex powder for external wall insulation system was unveiled at the European paint exhibition

the exterior wall external thermal insulation system, which is a simulated sensor in the front operation and a digital sensor in the rear operation, is the application with the most stringent requirements for the coating part of the building exterior wall. Especially when the climate is relatively humid, the bonding between mortar and thermal insulation materials (polystyrene foam board and other thermal insulation materials) is difficult to achieve. The redispersible latex powder system used in the external wall thermal insulation system has a small volume, which can achieve a good balance between various properties such as bonding and waterproof, To meet the joint surface wrapped with polyurethane sheath to produce mortar, these properties include different product characteristics of flexural strength and flexural modulus of elasticity. The product has good adhesion and waterproof performance, and has better resistance to freeze-thaw phenomena (delamination and cracks). The new latex powder also has unusual mechanical properties, which improves the impact resistance and penetration resistance of the whole system

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