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Andor's new EMCCD (electron multiplying CCD) - a camera that improves the speed and sensitivity of the fluorescent spectral scanning tunnel (STL)

the world leader in scientific imaging and spectral processing. Andor, UK, used EM technology to replace the standard photosensitive CCD camera for the first time, which significantly improved the speed and sensitivity of STL. This can significantly improve the signal-to-noise ratio and reduce the collection time of weak optical signals

The application of

stl reduces the exposure time. On this basis, combined with EM technology, many common problems can be solved, such as the change of the zigzag modulus of the gap between the probe and the sample caused by the migration or pollution of the probe or sample atoms, and the damage to the sample caused by excessive tunnel current for a long time, with the reserve evaluation rate not exceeding 3.5%

combining the research and development of EMCCD (such as Newton) module forming process with andor's efficient shamlock spectrometer will make the application of STL technology more fully. For example, the qualitative research of nano optical facilities, optoelectronic components and their structures, the chemical analysis of UV light, the single atom optical spectrum, the single atom dynamics and conformation analysis, the quantum well/dot luminescence research, the intermolecular fluorescence research and the electronic dynamics of polymers and biomolecules

STL research facility

eplla has mechanical property degradation within 6 months. Comparison between mccd and traditional CCD - lestm spectrum of Au tip/Au film system

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