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New products of Cr super scratch resistant polyurethane paint will appear

Guangdong CR paint Co., Ltd. will be in 3 ways: 1 Data information: at the 25th International Famous Furniture Exhibition held on August, 2011, its 2011 new products - Super scratch resistant Pu matte finish series, Liangdian black and white bright series, and HD wear-resistant Pu matte finish series were displayed

among them, the super scratch resistant Pu matte finish adopts the polyurethane formula system, and the advanced mechanical bearing wear-resistant technology is implanted into furniture paint products for the first time, so that the paint film will not produce traces under the friction of 0000 # steel wool. This product is developed on the basis of taking full account of the coating production status of domestic furniture manufacturers and the furniture usage habits of consumers. It is another latest product successfully developed by the technical teams of Valspar group and China Resources paint group

Liangdian black and white light series is a product developed by China Resources paint company to meet the current market demand. In recent years, in the furniture industry, gaoguangguang furniture factory has become a new popular element, especially neoclassical furniture, which is painted with black and white high light, and decorated with gold and silver foil, showing the nobility, luxury and classicality of furniture, which is highly respected by consumers. 3. The host of Microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine adopts the lower cylinder type. This classic visual experience poses a greater challenge to coating and coating, and requires high color, gloss and hardness of the paint film. Especially in the aerospace field, in order to meet this demand, China resources company launched the Liangdian series products, which have pure color, high gloss, high hardness, excellent light and color retention. At the same time, it also overcomes the industrial problem that high gloss coating is easy to produce dark bubbles

China Resources Company has successfully launched a high-definition wear-resistant double effect Pu matte finish paint product by combining the two properties that are difficult to unify, high-definition and wear resistance. This paint has the clear and natural texture and texture of wood, and also has the function of wear resistance and novelty preservation. It is an excellent solution for the coating of high-end office furniture

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