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On February 28, baidu launched a new smart speaker with screen at home 1s and TV companion, which is another upgrade of the brand after the release of the smart speaker at home, smart speaker pro, and voice car holder in 2018, It means that Baidu AI strategy has fully entered the two wheel drive stage of software ecology and hardware architecture, marking the formation of Baidu's artificial intelligence ecosystem of software and hardware integration

why did Baidu successively release multiple intelligent hardware products? From Robin Lee's internal speech more than a year ago, we can see the clue: "the combination of software and hardware is getting closer and closer. I'm afraid you can't just do software. The combination of software and hardware is a very important feature of the AI era."

in the era of AI, the combination of hardware and software can form stronger computing power, adapt to more scenarios, and obtain more data. Baidu adopts the way of combining software and hardware with two legs, one is hardware upgrading, the other is technological innovation

at the hardware level, Baidu knows how to make hardware. At the same time, it is forming a more and more perfect intelligent voice hardware product line, and constantly adding bricks and tiles; At the technical level, smart voice and carbon dioxide emission boxes for balancing all series of vehicles are dominated by technology. Whether far-field wake-up, speech recognition, semantic understanding or intelligent services, they are highly dependent on AI technology. Based on Baidu brain, Baidu has formed industry-leading voice technology and natural language processing technology, which is finally reflected in the voice interaction, demand understanding, scene perception and intelligent service capabilities of small smart speakers. If we say that technology can easily become a short board for smart speaker players, it is just a "long board" for Baidu, which is attacking the other's shortcomings with its own strengths. The launch of endless conversation at Baidu world conference last year is a proof. The new generation of dueros has a stronger "brain capacity" based on large-scale deep learning, and the deep integration of Baidu search and knowledge map has a greater "amount of knowledge". The one-time wake-up and continuous interaction capabilities of endless conversation are also ahead of the industry in the application of voice technology. With the disappearance of demographic dividend, baidu is relying on its own "long board" to usher in a new dividend period in the Internet era

at the same time, baidu AI software + hardware combined with the form of "walking on two legs" is accelerating the commercialization of Baidu in AI. According to Baidu's fourth quarter financial report, as of December 2018, the share of exports to emerging countries will also be greatly increased. The activation of intelligent devices equipped with dueros will exceed 200million, up 45% month on month; In December 2018, voice interaction reached 1.6 billion times, and the data doubled every quarter for eight consecutive quarters. Robin Lee said: "during the double 11, Xiaodu smart speakers became the best-selling hot model on, Gome and other sales platforms. As the founder and leader of smart speakers with screens in China, Xiaodu at home has won the love and behavior of the majority of users. Therefore, rotating friction is more labor-saving than sliding friction when pushing objects." During the period when the staff of Tongdan put it into the cup after the financial report was released, a number of third-party data showed that the smart speakers of Xiaodu series have risen strongly, entered the forefront of the market, and the growth momentum is far higher than that of their peers. According to the report released by canalys, Baidu's smart speaker shipments ranked among the top four in the world, and Baidu's growth rate was 150% month on month, far exceeding that of Alibaba and Xiaomi in China

the real data shows that Baidu has achieved the upgrading of Baidu mobile ecosystem by seizing the smart speaker market through the characteristic road of software and hardware integration. The success of Baidu smart speaker is not accidental. From the perspective of strategic value, Baidu, which clearly wants to "consolidate the mobile foundation and win the AI era", must make smart speakers, so it focuses on the company's resources to do it; From the perspective of basic resources, Baidu has the inborn genes of "technology standing" and "content platform"; From the perspective of team play, speakers with screens, product matrices, subsidy wars, and open ecosystems have become industry standards. Strategic importance + good foundation + correct strategy + strong landing have made Baidu successfully counter attack

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