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Ascend performance material, which made its debut at Chinaplas after its name was changed, has launched two new product lines. In addition, it also announced that it has listed nylon as its new business focus and appointed a new vice president who is familiar with the Chinese market

Scott rook took office as the vice president of the plastic business of this Houston company a month ago, responsible for formulating the global development strategy for the company. Before joining ascend, rook served as the co director of global business in Eastman Chemical Company and worked in Shanghai for several years

at the press conference held by ascend on China International Rubber and plastic exhibition, he delivered a speech in fluent Mandarin

Rook said, "although the new name has been adopted, our products remain unchanged. With sufficient and stable supply, efficient production and global stimulus programs, the demand for our products is growing."

until 2009, ascend was affiliated with Solutia Inc. In this year, the company was acquired by SK capital partners, which specializes in private investment in the chemical industry

according to J. Timothy Strehl, the president of the company, there is no improvement in the demand and transaction. After the recent ownership change, they have listed their core product nylon 6.6 as the new business focus

Strehl said, "now we focus on meeting customer needs and achieving growth. We hope to expand our business scale through capacity expansion and various investments."

although the financial crisis hindered ascend's growth, when the economy began to improve gradually, the huge capacity of its five North American factories immediately showed a strong advantage

(3) good chemical stability Strehl said: "when there is a shortage of supply in other fields, we can still guarantee the supply to customers."

with the retreat of the economic crisis, ascend's Asian business has recovered at the fastest speed with the scribed line on the support as the center line of the idler, and China now accounts for 75% of its Asian sales. It is expected that its sales in the first quarter of 2010 will return to the level of the peak period before the economic crisis. In addition, ascend also aims at the future development, especially in the automotive industry

at this exhibition, the company announced two new product combinations for its Vydyne nylon series. To some extent, these new impact modification and glass reinforcement products are targeted at the automotive industry

vydyne's products are complete and overcome the problems of flow marks, welding lines and so on that have troubled customers all the time. Craig Yeager, the ball manager, said, "we have passed various approvals in the automotive industry, and the number is still increasing. We will help customers better improve liquidity and stability."

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