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In order to meet the diversified needs of the market, Germany haifule hardware has recently launched three door closer products, which are powerful (can realize the needs of various experimental machines to disassemble the safety valve and adjust the screw door control), well designed (can be perfectly hidden), durable (onemillion life tests), and have a specific solution for heavy door leaves (500 kg strong load-bearing capacity)

system one is the most compact of the three new world axis door closer systems launched this time. It is suitable for one-way and two-way doors. It can rotate 360 degrees. It will not stop the door and automatically close the door during use. It is very suitable for spaces that do not need to stop the door. These companies include Hindustan Airlines Limited (HAL) shaft doors and rotating walls that can be installed with hardware, which are suitable for indoor and outdoor doors made of various materials, or clothes display cabinets that can rotate 360 to ensure the normal operation of equipment

system 3 can rotate 360 degrees, and can stop the door at the angle of 090180270, and can automatically rotate in both left and right directions of 45, so as to stop the door in the required direction. At present, the shaft door can rotate with only a small force. This function is mainly attributed to the patented spring structure of this system. The accurate damping makes the shaft door swing twice in the process of door stopping and then stop at the specified door stopping position

it should be noted that system 3 is only applicable to two-way open doors, which is very suitable for doors and rotating walls with shaft door hardware system installed in the middle, and is applicable to indoor and outdoor doors made of various materials

system m can reach the rotation angle of -125 to 125, and can stop the door at 0, 90 and -90 (manual stop is required for 90 and -90), and can automatically close the door within the angle range of 125 and - 125. If the door stop position is not set manually, the door will automatically close to 0

at the same time, system m has the function of door opening buffer (in order to prevent the door from hitting objects after opening to 70, the opening speed will be damped and reduced) and buffer door closing, which is suitable for one-way and two-way door opening. System m is very suitable for indoor and outdoor doors made of various materials in commercial buildings and residential buildings

haifule door control products are widely used in hotel, residential and commercial building projects at home and abroad. The wide product line and excellent product quality enable haifule door control products to meet the various requirements of various projects for door control hardware

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