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2010 fluke multimeter new product launch invitation letter

Dear Sir/Madam:

first of all, thank you and your magazine for your care and help to fluke. In order to increase mutual communication and deepen understanding, such as high dependence on raw material import, we sincerely invite you to participate in the new product launch of multimeter held by Luk Co., Ltd. on January 13, 2010

date: January 13, 2010

time: 13:45~15:30

location: Haoyuan Jianguo Hotel, Chunzhu Hall (second floor)

address: No. 17, Jianguomen inner street, Beijing. Food related products should be inspected in accordance with food safety standards. No.

get off in another state. Route: Subway Line 1, line 5, exit b of Dongdan station, 50 meters east, bus 9, 403, 420, 640, 666, 668, 674, 729 Special 2

Contact: Gao Qian:

meeting arrangement:

meeting guest:

vice president of fluke Asia Pacific: Mr. Huang Yizhi

vice general manager of fluke China: Mr. Zhang Yihao

manager of fluke China marketing department: Mr. Fang Zhaoyi

meeting content:

new product introduction

media Q & A

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