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New product launch! North China industrial control launched a computer board based on Godson's domestic CPU mitx

North China industrial control launched a new mitx industrial motherboard mitx-6112v1.0 based on Godson ls3a4000 processor. The product has excellent architecture, significantly improved memory capacity, low power consumption, high reliability, rich i/o functional interfaces, and good system compatibility and scalability

Godson Zhongke is a local enterprise that is at the forefront of China's information technology and is committed to providing independent, safe and reliable processors for national security strategic needs. Previously, Loongson released Loongson 3 CPU for desktop and server applications, namely Loongson 3a4000/3b4000, which is about twice the overall performance of the previous generation of Loongson processor chips

Godson 3a4000/3b4000 is the first quad core processor based on gs464v microarchitecture in Godson 3 series processors, which has been further optimized in terms of running frequency, vector support, encryption and decryption, security mechanism, etc

in particular, Godson 3a4000 adopts a new fcbga-1211 package and the same 28nm process as the previous generation of Godson 3a3000, but its general computing performance is more than twice that of Godson 3a3000; The peak computing performance for scientific computing and high-density numerical information processing is more than 4 times that of Godson 3a3000

with built-in power consumption control core, Godson 3a4000 can dynamically adjust frequency and voltage according to the operating load, so as to realize fine power consumption management. In addition, it also supports dynamic voltage adjustment, which can effectively extend the life cycle of the equipment and has higher cost performance

North China industrial control mitx-6112v1.0

the mitx industrial motherboard mitx-61 launched by North China industrial control this time mentioned the following projects directly related to high molecular materials: 12v1.0, which is based on Godson 3a4000, a single node 4-core processor, is newly built, with excellent product architecture, strong core performance, steady performance improvement, and great autonomy and versatility technical advantages

this product is a standard mitx board with a size of 170mm x 170mm. The product is built in strict accordance with industrial standards, with fine power consumption management and excellent overall performance. It can widely provide hardware solutions for financial business systems, government systems, traffic control, data centers, network security and many other fields. The main technical features of the product are as follows:

the memory capacity is significantly improved

the product provides two DDR4 udimms, supports DDR, and the maximum capacity is up to 32g bytes

rich function interface design

the product is designed with multiple serial ports, providing 2 VGA interfaces and supporting resolution 1920x1080@60Hz ; Multi port design, supporting Gigabit Ethernet/wifi/3g/4g networks; Onboard sound card, supporting 5W dual channel power amplifier

high expansion ability and pay attention to the computer control of the machine

the product supports a variety of extensions such as PCIe card, graphics card, acquisition card, acceleration card, and provides ESD protection

high security should implement the development strategy of efficient and green plastic granulator and high stability

the processor core of this product is equipped with a safety control mechanism. The product itself supports and has great comparative advantages. It supports 64M bit SPI BIOS, ATX (24pin+4pin), hardware and software call auto start function, reset function, strong anti-interference ability, stability and reliability

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