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Jiehe machine vision new product ISC

in 2020, the economic growth rate gradually slowed down, and the average profit margin of China's manufacturing industry increased from 6.2% in 2010 to 2.59% at the end of 2019. At the same time, with the rapid development of 30 years, the production cost of Chinese workers has increased from less than 3% in developed countries to nearly 30% in developed countries. When the tide of labor-intensive production supported by the demographic dividend subsides, machine vision needs to replace labor more effectively in order to gain a firm foothold

in the actual equipment production, a large number of customers have put forward new requirements for Jiehe technology for the application of machine vision: more expansion capabilities, faster response speed, and better industrial quality

in order to respond in time to the market demand that the existing domestic products are generally 1 order of magnitude different from foreign products, Jiehe technology has launched a new 4U industrial computer isc-661 with strong performance, multiple expansion interfaces and long life cycle for users in the machine vision industry, which can better meet the higher requirements of users in actual use

high speed visual inspection production line

1 Machine vision requires stronger PCIe expansion performance

for mechanical finishing, Ceramic/glass products are manufactured as "Take the policy of 'one belt and one road' as an example. In addition to the continuous control of machine vision over the appearance/color/material process in the manufacturing process, temperature, roughness, material details, cutting/cutting control, etc. are often completed through different control components. Making full use of the expansion redundancy of high-performance industrial control computers and providing a unified logic computing platform with multiple dimensions for an industrial control computer is a new idea of Jiehe technology isc-661 industrial control machine. General" Through two groups of PCIe X8, three groups of PCIe x4, one group of PCIe X1 and one group of PCI interfaces, it provides more possibilities for acquisition card access. At the same time, the relatively better motion control ability of industrial computer brings more convenience to the data call of the control layer

Jie and ISC recently -661 excellent expansion performance brought by multiple PCIe interfaces

2 Efficiency improvement brought by high performance

in the application scenario of machine vision, the completion of visual comparison and verification requires accurate debugging of industrial lens and light source. The obtained images are calculated and compared by means of industrial computer/controller/fpga, and the comparison operation needs the support of a certain amount of computing power

Jie and isc-661 industrial control machines directly respond to the needs of machine vision applications for accurate image comparison. The standard configuration adopts Intel 7700k high-performance CPU, providing the possibility of customization of a higher platform. Support high-end desktop graphics card access, expand machine vision AI learning ability, meet the trend of higher image accuracy requirements and increasing floating-point computing ability

machine 14 Take out the damaged samples, and the application requirements of vision are rising

3 Stable quality supply, lasting life cycle

the overall design of Jie and isc-661 meets the needs of industrial control, and the product life cycle of more than 5 years ensures the compatibility and stability of the industrial control platform. 4U standard chassis, suitable for machine room rack

in recent years, with more than 20 years of domestic and foreign supply experience, Jiehe technology has established an excellent product production and quality supply system, and gradually precipitated into an independent brand with good industry reputation. Perfect supply process, lasting product life cycle, industrial standard product quality control and responsive after-sales service chain are the quality cornerstone of Jiehe isc-661 industrial computer

Jiehe isc-661 4U industrial control machine

about Jiehe technology

Shenzhen Jiehe Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jiehe Technology), founded in 1999, is a technology entity providing IOT, AI product equipment and overall software and hardware solutions for its main business and a national high-tech enterprise. As a global brand of the company, Giada focuses on new retail, smart education and medical treatment, enterprise and public services, industrial automation and other industries. Becoming a world-class integrator is the long-term goal of Jiehe technology. Its main products include the integration of AI machine vision, big data analysis, remote monitoring RTU and other smart business display application management systems; Embedded mainboard and complete machine based on arm and x86 architecture, industrial computer, IOT gateway, AI computing and edge storage server, etc

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