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Contec IAC new product release

1, PCI Express board

in January 2006, it released a communication interface board that supports PCI Express, and new products were subsequently launched

pci express will be the master of the next generation of bus standards after PCI. Let's learn more about their streams. With the high-speed demand of computers, the expansion bus is also developing in the direction of PCI Express

contec has already begun to support the product development of PCI Express. As the first product supporting PCI Express, RS-232C communication interface board has been on sale since January, 2006. Since March, 2006, various products focusing on compatibility, led by PCI Express → PCI conversion adapter, have been launched successively, which mainly means that the products are not limited by the measurement and control system, and can be compatible with PCI board cards and CardBus PC card products such as analog input and output, digital input and output, etc

In the future, Contec will provide high-quality products and services for the construction of measurement and control communication application system in the two aspects of launching new technology products as soon as possible and long-term supply of existing products

2. New series: PCI slot mounted

electronic hard disk pc-rsc-pci series

PCI slot semiconductor hard disk with high reliability. You can start the operating system

and install it into the PCI slot of the PC, which can be used like a hard disk. Of course, you can also start the operating system. As a kind of disk drive that can replace hard disk, it is most suitable for situations where the system requires harsh operating conditions, including 24-hour continuous operation, high requirements for environmental adaptability (ambient temperature, impact, vibration, etc.), mute effect, etc

adopt CF card with high reliability (hard disk mode)

adopt CF card with high reliability in storage media (hard disk mode). Add one CF card, which can form multiple logical disks according to the partition setting

it is equipped with two CF card slots, which can install two disks

equipped with raid function

supports RoHS instructions

3. New series: expected low price

electronic hard disk pc-esd series

reliable and low price

the new design not only has high reliability, but also greatly reduces the cost. The price of 1GB products is half of the original, and the speed of fast data transmission is increased by four times

equipped with 512mb~4gb various specifications. (8GB specification is under development)

support RoHS Directive (forthcoming)

lead free design due to the different structure and design of universal experimental machine to protect the environment. Comply with ROHS directive. Support the development of condec products that provide lead-free test space with two groups of capacity and ROHS directive

condec products. Under the business philosophy and policy of environmental protection and the principle of relevant laws and guidelines, new products that support r-bending modulus of elasticity as the experimental demonstration of OHS directive have been sold since December 2005

in addition, the products being sold will not only be transformed into lead-free products, but also will gradually be designed to support RoHS directives

plan supporting lead-free

plan supporting ROHS directive

product identification management

suggestion window for environmental problems

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