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New product launch! Bards polymer waterproof glue, put waterproof "armor" on the wall

new product launch! Bards polymer waterproof glue, put waterproof "armor" on the wall

May 15, 2020

from the beginning of summer to the beginning of summer, there is more and more rain, which should be a good time to nourish everything and revitalize the room, but the walls of kitchen and bathroom, balcony, basement and so on are "difficult to hide"

especially the buildings in coastal areas, affected by the warm and humid climate, there are different degrees of wall defects such as humidity, mildew spots, mildew spots, peeling, etc. the wooden furniture in contact with the wall and ground is also prone to mildew and decay, which seriously affects the beauty of the house. Next, let's get closer to this kind of materials and the sense of home experience

therefore, the waterproof engineering of home decoration is urgent, and the waterproof material selection should not be underestimated. Don't lose big things for small things and damage the coating life of the building

bards polymer waterproof adhesive, a high-low pressure soft switching hydraulic module composed of main overflow valve, accumulator, auxiliary main overflow valve, auxiliary overflow valve, reversing valve and precision oil filter with specific high-performance polymer emulsion, is used to control the output pressure of the pump station; With liquid as the main body, it is refined with a variety of polymer additives, mixed with cement in proportion, and formed after curing. It is a high-quality wall "armor", with excellent adhesion, impermeability, crack resistance, durability

construction steps

base surface treatment

the base surface should be flat and solid, free of hollowing, oil stain and other loose objects, and the internal and external corners should be made into an arc shape. Before construction, the cost of electrical appliances has been reduced, and the defective parts of the base should be repaired; If the temperature is high or the base surface is dry, wet the base surface with clean water before construction, and there should be no open water during construction

proportioning mixing

prepare according to the weight ratio of [this product: cement =1:1], and use an electric mixer to stir evenly

before and after construction, a comprehensive cooperation agreement was signed with Harbin Institute of technology, Harbin Engineering, Nanjing University of China, Shenyang Aircraft Design Institute and other universities and scientific research institutions. Key points

evenly coat the mixed slurry on the base surface with a brush or roller, and apply it 2-3 times depending on the thickness required by the engineering design. The time interval between each time of painting is not sticky (about 1-2 hours), and each painting should be perpendicular to the direction of the previous painting

reinforcement treatment

if the waterproof layer needs to be strengthened, it can be reinforced with non-woven fabric or alkali resistant glass fiber cloth

bards polymer waterproof glue makes the house wear waterproof "armor" and gives you a healthy and comfortable living experience

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