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How about the function of Frost/Zeiss F8 song ordering machine? Users really start to evaluate it

1. The design is exquisite, the workmanship is fine, the image is clear, and the sound quality is accurate. It is worth having. Customer service is serious, enthusiastic, honest and trustworthy, answers all questions, and is trustworthy. It is better to choose the length of the touch screen connection to avoid waste

2. The image quality is very clear, and even the tiny pores can be seen. No. 1. The Chinese window image setting operation is simpler than the film source, but it is to crowd out the domestic equipment. The sound quality of the song machine is very good, and it is basically high-definition version. The cloud download is also relatively fast. The music library is very complete, and there are basically new songs, such as good sound. The song ordering system is also very user-friendly. You can scan the code to order songs. This is much more convenient. The after-sales technology and service are very good. If you have any questions, you will answer them. It's a very good store

3. I've always wanted to buy a song ordering machine with optical fiber output. The previous song ordering machines used AV red and white interfaces, and the sound quality is really not good. I saw this F8 song ordering machine by chance, such as boiling nut), inclined plane, eccentric wheel, lever, etc. it will display the required experimental information. After many consultations, I finally bought this machine. After arriving, I tried it. First of all, the sound quality of the sound source of the machine itself is very good. Even the audio quality of the connected AV interface is no less than that of the previous song ordering machine. With the fiber-optic cable connection, the sound quality has reached a new level again

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