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How did sunshine lighting achieve a 70% increase in revenue in the past four years

Abstract: in recent years, the performance of sunshine lighting has doubled. As a "traditional" lighting enterprise, the rapid growth of its performance reflects the development of LED technology, which has brought considerable market share to listed companies

on the evening of April 10, Zhejiang Sunshine lighting released its 2016 performance report. The announcement showed that in 2016, sunshine lighting achieved a sales revenue of 4.393 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 3.18%, and the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 452 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 21.67%

if we compare the data of previous years, we will find that the operating revenue of sunshine lighting in 2012 was only 2.593 billion yuan. Compared with 2012, the operating revenue of sunshine lighting increased by 69.4% over the four-year period

as we all know, since it was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2000, sunshine lighting has been mainly producing energy-saving lamps and exporting them to overseas markets. In recent years, the performance of sunshine lighting has doubled. As a "traditional" lighting enterprise, the rapid growth of its performance reflects the development of LED technology, which has brought considerable market share to listed companies

the main reason for the growth of performance

the expansion of market share in Europe and North America

since its establishment, sunshine lighting has always focused on overseas export business. Although in recent years, sunshine lighting has been emphasizing on deep cultivation of domestic channels, its domestic turnover data from 2012 to 2016 show that its domestic sales share has fallen from 30.86% to 14.63% in China at present, and its domestic revenue has also fallen from 800million yuan to 750million yuan. In general, the business focus of sunshine lighting in recent years is mainly on the overseas market

however, thanks to the vigorous development of overseas markets in recent years, sunshine lighting has brought a considerable revenue. In particular, Europe and North America are the main components of its performance growth

according to the data of sunshine lighting exported to Europe, in 2016, the operating revenue of sunshine lighting exported to Europe was 1.6 billion yuan, an increase of nearly 1 billion yuan compared with 2012; The operating income exported to North America was 880 million yuan, an increase of 760 million yuan compared with 2012

from the above export data, it can be seen that the total revenue of sunshine lighting exported to Europe and North America in 2016 increased by 1.7 billion yuan compared with 2012, accounting for 94.4% of the total revenue growth (1.8 billion yuan) during the period. Therefore, we can see that the performance growth of sunshine lighting in recent years mainly comes from its vigorous development in Europe and South America. At the same time, it also shows that the demand for Chinese LED products in Europe and North America has increased steadily in recent years, and it is the main exporter of China's lighting products

led market promotes revenue growth

in 2016, the operating revenue of sunshine lighting was 4.393 billion yuan, of which the sales of LED light sources and lamps products was 36.7. The operation needs to be performed in strict accordance with the operating specifications by 400million yuan, accounting for 83.6% of the total operating revenue. In 2012, on the contrary, the sales volume of LED light sources and lamp products of sunshine lighting was only 364million yuan, accounting for 14% of the operating revenue

from 2012 to 2016, the revenue of the LED business segment of sunshine lighting increased by 3.3 billion yuan. Accounting for 183% of the growth of its total operating income (1.8 billion yuan) during the period. It can be seen that sunshine lighting has been changing its product line towards led in recent years. At the same time, the huge market brought by LED has also become the main thrust of its rapid performance growth in recent years

however, after the development of LED in recent years, the technical bottleneck has been broken. Mass production and the Red Sea market have gradually ignited the signs of price war. The LED market still has the development potential of previous years, and it is still a problem that needs to be considered to bring good performance impetus to enterprises

can the turnover exceed 5billion yuan in 2017

according to the sunshine lighting business announcement, the revenue of sunshine lighting in 2017 is planned to reach 5.451 billion yuan

looking at the more than 20 listed companies closely related to the lighting industry in the industry at present, the companies with a lighting business of more than 5billion yuan include Rex lighting (3.81 billion yuan + dehuorunda lighting business segment 1.9 billion yuan = 5.7 billion yuan), San'an Optoelectronics (5.61 billion yuan), Mu Linsen (5.52 billion yuan) and OPP lighting (5.48 billion yuan)

among the listed enterprises with a revenue of less than 5billion yuan, from the revenue of 2016, only sunshine lighting has the potential to exceed 5billion yuan in next year. (the next one is Foshan Lighting, with a revenue of 3.37 billion yuan in 2016, a long way from 5billion yuan.)

however, we also found from the performance and revenue of sunshine lighting in 2016 that its foreign sales accounted for 82.73% of the total revenue. From the overall export situation of the lighting industry, the export volume of the lighting industry fell for the first time in 2016, and the export situation was not optimistic, which undoubtedly brought challenges to the export business of sunshine lighting

moreover, from its export data, the export volume of sunshine lighting in Europe and North America accounted for 57.63% of its total operating revenue in 2016. Moreover, the growth of sales in Europe and North America is also the main reason for its performance growth in recent years. However, whether these two markets can continue to maintain a good state of demand is still unknown

since 2017, the new president of the United States has come to power and put forward new requirements and ideas on tariffs. The regionalized economic policy is tearing apart the integration of world economy and trade; At the same time, the brexit of Britain and the transformation of the whole European politics and trade patterns will undoubtedly increase the uncertainties of the two major trade markets

and according to the sunshine lighting announcement, the sales of its top five sales customers account for 63.07% of the total sales. Compared with OPP and Rex, sunshine lighting has a relatively single channel. In addition, the case of "suspected packaging counterfeiting of export products" of sunshine lighting broke out in the U.S. market in 2016, which had a certain impact on its sales in the U.S. market. Whether the LED red sea market can continue to provide revenue impetus is also a macro factor

in the face of challenges in the export environment, North American and European markets, sunshine lighting was able to break through many obstacles in 2017 and break through 5billion yuan of turnover against the market, which was still very much expected by industry insiders

product overview

most traditional light source products have stopped production

in addition, from the performance announcement of sunshine lighting in recent years, the proportion of LED light sources in total operating revenue has been increasing, from 14% in 2012, 50% in 2014 and 84% in 2016. The traditional light source business segment is constantly shrinking, and since 2014, sunshine lighting has not included the products of "integrated electronic lamp", "T5 high-power fluorescent lamp and supporting lamps" and "special lamps" into the statistical scope of performance

since its establishment in 1996, sunshine lighting has been mainly engaged in mass production of "integrated electronic lamps", "energy-saving fluorescent tubes", "T5 high-power fluorescent lamps and supporting lamps" and other products. In recent years, with the rapid rise of the LED market, most traditional light sources in the past have stopped production and sales, which actually reflects the development of LED technology in recent years, which has brought huge product changes to the industry

the unit price of LED light source has decreased by 206%

with the continuous reduction of the production cost of LED and the increasingly fierce competition, the unit price of domestic LED products is also declining rapidly. In 2016, the output of sunshine lighting LED increased by 2809% year-on-year compared with 2012, but the unit price of the product decreased by 206%

according to statistics, in 2016, the output of sunlight LED light source products was 270Million, and the average price of each single product was 13.8 yuan; In 2012, the output of sunlight LED light source products was 8.62 million, and the average price of each product is 42.25 yuan, which can search and query various information of the tested style according to specific conditions

observation from 2012 to 2016, the output of LED products increased from 8.62 million to 270 million, but the average price decreased from 42.25 yuan/piece to 13.8 yuan/piece. 7. Transmission system inspection of rubber tensile testing machine (electromechanical brush)

in the past two years, the price and profit of LED single products have decreased seriously. On the one hand, it shows that the concept of green energy saving of LED is gradually popularized, but it also reflects that the price war of LED products not only increases the business pressure, but also affects the export situation of LED products in China

in 2016, the export volume of China's electric light source products was 13.12 billion, the same as 13.05 billion in the same period in 2015, but the export volume fell by 14.15% in the workshops and workshops of Jinan experimental machine factory; It reflects that the export profits of lighting products have decreased significantly, which is caused by the depression of the global economy on the one hand, and the decline of product prices caused by fierce competition in the industry on the other hand

outlook and Review

the review of work in 2016 is as follows

Yingtan sunshine achieved a great change in profits, and Zhejiang Meijia and Xiamen sunshine maintained a good profit overfulfilling situation. All subsidiaries fully undertake, make independent and rapid decisions, and the independent business model has been deepened

the company has formed main lamp categories such as downlight, flat panel lamp, ceiling lamp and bracket lamp

the rapid growth of the American market is attributed to the super eco last year, the development of filament lamps this year, and the continuous introduction of new lamp products

the company has invested more than 10 automatic lines in bulb automation in one year. The use of robots and manipulators has been increased in stamping and welding processes, and preliminary attempts have been made in the use of Spraying Robots and automatic handling cars

cost control and gross profit margin remain good, which is closely related to paying attention to the cost reduction of technology and materials

strengthened attention to internal management risks

what will sunshine lighting do in 2017

accelerate product innovation. The company will increase investment in innovation, including product design principle innovation, material innovation, and intelligent lighting combined innovation. Combining external innovation funds and innovation capabilities

improve production efficiency. Actively combine the application of external robots and new technologies of intelligent manufacturing, and all subsidiaries have formulated a work plan that is detailed to reduce several people per line per month

focus on market model innovation. In 2017, all subsidiaries set up engineering business subsidiaries, which should at least increase the sales of engineering products to 30%. Domestic sales should continue to invest in brands and expand market share as soon as possible. Overseas companies accelerate the construction of brand business through two modes: strengthening the team strength of their own brands and capital mergers and acquisitions

strengthen cost control

strengthen talent training. We should encourage people to go out to study, attend exchange meetings, participate in exhibitions, study in other lighting factories, and investigate factories in other industries

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