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Sandvik: how to cut difficult machining materials

in order to meet the requirements of very special situations, people have developed various materials with unique metallurgical properties, such as titanium, tool steel, stainless steel, hardened steel and other super (heat resistant, high temperature resistant, high strength, super heat resistant) alloys. As these materials are made harder, tougher, heat insensitive and/or more corrosion-resistant and fatigue resistant, they have also become more difficult to process. Many tool manufacturers have designed new grade blades with different geometric shapes, while others provide integral cemented carbide tools to prolong the service life of tools when machining these difficult machining materials. Tool manufacturers say the new products help improve surface finish and reduce processing costs

Sandvik Co. has many new products for milling tough materials. Sandvik has added a positive rake angle to its coromill 210 series milling cutter, making it have a sharper and lighter cutting shape, in order to be used for cut in milling and high feed rate milling. Sandvik said that the new geometry is conducive to improving the cutting performance of various materials, including titanium, tool steel and stainless steel. In addition to improving productivity, these blades have long service life, smooth cutting, low processing noise and low energy consumption, the company said

the 10 degree main deflection angle of coromill 210, when milling the end face, it can use small axial cutting depth, high feed rate, and can remove a large number of chips, which is far more than using the traditional end milling cutter. This design also allows large radial cutting depth to be used in rough machining and milling, and a large amount of metal to be cut axially, just like milling a cavity or milling a deep shoulder. The design of coromill 210 tool body uses screws with coolant holes to supply coolant to each cavity through the tool, so as to efficiently remove chips and improve cutting performance

in addition, Sandvik Coromant claims that it has developed another kind of blade, which can reduce cutting force and vibration under unstable conditions, and can achieve high cutting speed when cutting difficult materials

the company's e-xl series blades are used for 2. Coromill 300 milling cutters when replacing indenters or anvils. This blade has a cutting rake angle of 10 degrees and a cutting edge of 0.008 inch. Sandvik recommended its coromill 300 milling cutter for profiling milling and profiling milling, and said that this kind of milling cutter is easy to use short and long cutters to cut metal without vibration, so as to ensure high power efficiency in all processing

◆ is the clamping reliable? For long-distance applications, santoru: some plungers don't work. Ke introduced coromill plura extra long ball end milling cutter. This end milling cutter is an integral cemented carbide tool made of wear-resistant P10 (grade), which is used to cut materials in need. The company said that it can be used for a variety of milling, including tool and mold milling, as well as aerospace industry. Sandvik said that coromill plura tools can process pre hardened materials under one-time adjustment and installation, and the order to delivery cycle is reduced by half

genevieve Swiss Industries Inc. has developed utiliis Ag multidec turning blades made in Switzerland, which are specially used for cylindrical turning titanium, 300 series stainless steel and other materials that are difficult to cut. These blades are characterized by a clamping system with double screws for clamping and three-point positioning of blades, ensuring rigidity and accuracy

according to the company, these blades turn workpieces with a diameter of 1 inch and less, with a repetition accuracy of less than 0.0004 inch, and can be used for forward and reverse turning

ati stellam claims that when processing 62Hrc steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and other superalloys, the speed true micrograin solid carbide end mill can cut 50% more materials during the tool life, reduce the cycle time by 50% and prolong the tool life by 75% compared with other tools. (end)

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