How does the hottest art paint enable the paint in

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How does art paint enable the paint industry to move forward and enter another golden age?

how does art paint enable the paint industry to enter another golden age?

under the epidemic on November 9, 2020, made in China is accelerating its attack on smart manufacturing in China. Many enterprises are fully empowered to move forward and open a new and accessible enabling experience. Huawei holds various forms of enabling activities throughout the country, Help ecological partners understand the rapidly changing industry trends in an all-round way; Baidu AI Cloud is committed to providing all walks of life with platform services integrating ABC technology, enabling quality inspection, and AI technology to help all walks of life achieve intelligent transformation; The founder of Google said: the most important function in the future organization is no longer management and motivation, but empowerment, because empowerment is not only an independent choice of enterprises, but also an inevitable trend of enterprise development in the new economic era. And how can the art coating industry be empowered to move forward

1 enable ""

the greater the ability, the greater. For art paint enterprises, in the fierce competition in the building materials and home furnishing market, development and are two essential lifelines, which have the same status as paint. For example, jointly launched the green supply chain action with nine brands in 2017 to realize the plan of low-carbon environmental protection, energy conservation and consumption reduction, and explore a mature and efficient way of sustainable development. In the art coating industry, after-sales service, improving product quality, industrial restructuring and integration are also issues of concern to many consumers

2 enable "innovation"

innovation driven, and make efforts to "smart manufacturing". China's 5g development "report card" company head Wang Yong explained to reporters that 5g has changed the society. The faster transmission speed, lower delay and massive data connection ability of 5g will bring changes to social development and make consumers' lives more efficient, safe and intelligent. However, in the art coating brand, the business innovation, market innovation, product innovation, process innovation, and the mode of comprehensive empowerment have led the art coating enterprise to a higher level. Let more consumers be willing to pay for product quality, product technology, paint brand and product innovation technology

3 empowering "vision"

vision shows a judgment on the direction that is most likely to happen in the future, and the action here is not blind action, but try under the guidance of vision, increase investment, and ensure to keep up with the changes and development of the era trend of Jinan new era assay instrument Co., Ltd. to be a person and an enterprise with heart. Ma Yun's strategy and vision is how to empower enterprises in the era of intelligence. Among art coating enterprises, they should comply with the changes of the trend of the times, empower terminals, create a new retail model of art coating terminals, and strive to develop the art coating industry that enables "foresight"

4 enabling "pay for work"

in an enterprise, the driving force of team members is not the traditional labor remuneration, but the sense of achievement and social value. In Google, the main driving force of employees comes from the sense of achievement and social value brought by creation. What they need is not external material and spiritual incentives, but from enabling "pay for work", providing them with a more efficient environment and tools for creation. In the art coating industry, getting more honors can play a great role in the development of enterprises. Opportunities and honors are always reserved for those who are prepared

how to make the paint industry enter another golden age

the continuous transformation and development of the art paint market. With the development of the times, the art paint industry needs consumption upgrading, product upgrading, and effect upgrading, and is committed to making personalized and customized art paint gradually mature and stable

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