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How does AI enter the market from campus? Taking advantage of the youth, the contestants of technology

are showing the entrepreneurial projects to the audience. China Youth Daily · Zhongqing chenfengli/photo

"our project is to use blockchain technology to provide solutions and cloud services to various industries. For example, once the content is published on, we can leave proof of existence through our technology, which can solve the problem of copyright storage."

Tang Ling, the entrepreneur of Xi'an Jiaotong University, skillfully took out a business card and handed it to him, which read: "Zhigui technology, blockchain 3.0 ecological builder. Tang Ling, CEO, Francis."

on the morning of November 3, Tang Ling's project was selected as an excellent representative of the "2018 Zhejiang University Entrepreneurship and Innovation Cup National College Students Entrepreneurship Competition", participated in the artificial intelligence youth high-end forum, and conducted a roadshow. There were judges such as Chen Chun, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, Hua Xiansheng, vice president of Alibaba group, and Wang Yang, President of Cybertron investment group

when interviewed, Tang Linglu's tension had not completely subsided, and his fingers involuntarily stirred together. Although he is very confident in his project, there are many competitors who pay attention to AI entrepreneurship like Tang Ling in this competition

for example, the "deep learning" technology, which is comparable to the popularity of "blockchain", is also reflected in the competition projects. Duan Zhangling, the entrepreneur of Hefei University of technology, has developed a mine locomotive driverless system based on the deep learning algorithm. He hopes to use his own technology to bring the underground rail transportation operation of China's mine mining into the unmanned era

nowadays, AI technology, including blockchain and deep learning technology, has been regarded as a "battleground" that can determine the future world pattern. The competition forum also naturally focuses on AI projects

artificial intelligence is a theoretical study of how computer systems perform tasks that can only be accomplished by human intelligence. In recent years, China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, France, Canada and the European Union have issued special strategies or plans for artificial intelligence. According to the white paper on the development of new artificial intelligence for low precision generation, as of 2017, the total financing in the field of global artificial intelligence continued to grow. In 2017, China's domestic AI investment reached a new high of $1.03 billion, and start-ups are very active in this field

obviously, this active atmosphere has also spread across the campus. Student entrepreneurs like Tang Ling and Duan Zhangling hope to put their technology and creativity to the test of goodwill in the competition before encountering greater difficulties

from a flash of inspiration to the landing of the company, what can we do to succeed

the young entrepreneurs who had been "slightly injured" in the competition but still didn't get off the line shared some experiences; The tutors of "surviving a great calamity turns good luck into bad luck" have taught many secrets; The judges who have been "proud of the Jianghu" are also generous to give their comments. To sum up, a student AI entrepreneurship strategy is at hand

find location: explore stable needs

"location!" This is the conclusion of Tang Ling's two startups. Wearing a bright gray suit and a pair of sandals, he said with a smile, "it's boring to have a simple class."

after the first entrepreneurial project was acquired, he aimed at the application of blockchain technology. Blockchain technology has the characteristics of decentralization, time series data, collective maintenance, programmability, security and credibility, and is particularly suitable for building programmable monetary systems, financial systems, and even macro social systems

"but the commercialization of this technology is not mature." Tang Ling said, "we need to find the pain points of users and position ourselves.". He hopes to improve the efficiency, security and scalability of blockchain technology, and truly improve the function and performance of this technology in use

Duan Zhangling, who is about to graduate from a doctor, started his business from a different starting point than Tang Ling, but their starting ideas are very similar. "We need to clarify the needs of users and find the pain points of mine transportation." Duan Zhangling believes that he needs to use technology to solve the accident casualties and efficiency problems of mine transportation

from freshman to Bo Si, Duan Zhangling grew from a "drumming" role to a core R & D personnel in the laboratory of his mentor Han Jianghong. He found out the specific needs of users through long-term contact with mine staff

"by cooperating with Henkel, we actually need to find a stable demand." Han Jianghong has been deeply involved in the field of mine transportation for 30 years. He is Duan Zhangling's mentor both in research and development technology and in running a company

Han Jianghong emphasized the word "demand". "Pure technical or academic research can sometimes set some boundary conditions, but the constraints of application projects must come from customer needs." For example, theoretically speaking, all technicians who make driverless systems will think that the algorithm they design must be able to automatically plan the path, but the result of communication with the workers is that this function is not needed at all for mine rail transportation, and the transportation path in the mine needs to be fixed, so the operation is more safe and reliable. If the algorithm is allowed to automatically plan the path, it will add trouble and danger

people who engage in computer technology do not necessarily understand the industry, and people who understand industry knowledge do not understand computers. In this case, the "long-term and in-depth" communication between the two sides is very necessary

therefore, for students who want to start a business driven by technology, Han Jianghong believes that "demand must be stabilized first", and on this basis, a stable technology framework and stable business model can be established

fight for strength: after finding the pain point and determining the specific and stable user needs, young entrepreneurs, in the final analysis, still need to fight for strength

at present, entrepreneurship can be basically divided into two categories: technology driven and business model driven. According to Wang Yang, the judge of the high-end roadshow of AI youth in the competition and the president of saibole investment group, students who focus on AI entrepreneurship should take advantage of their youth to deeply cultivate technology, "if there is a breakthrough in technical skills, they will have great development potential in the future"

"the learning stage is the time to lay a foundation in technology." Wang Yang believes that students should avoid blindly pursuing business models

the choice of Duan Zhangling and Tang Ling is just in line with Wang Yang's idea, and they both start from technology

Duan Zhangling's mine driverless system solution developed by Hegong Anchi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. involves technological innovation in algorithm, control logic, positioning, navigation, mobile streaming media ultra-low delay transmission, etc

take the training algorithm for example. Duan Zhangling introduced that they have established underground scene data sets of nearly 1000 mines under the framework of deep learning algorithm. At present, the joint recognition rate of algorithms for underground pedestrians and various obstacles has reached more than 99.99%. The mine locomotive transportation scheduling system independently developed by the consultants of the team has won the second prize of the national science and technology progress award

excellent technology is the cornerstone of these young people's entrepreneurial beliefs. Tang Ling often talks about his own technology, and his expression always shows an unstoppable momentum

he once hesitated whether to make blockchain underlying technology or directly make products. "Finally, he decided to develop underlying technology. After all, selling products requires a lot of industry resources, which students lack most."

"now we just need to spell skills." Tang Ling introduced in the roadshow that the technology they developed ranked first in the recent blockchain performance and function evaluation ranking of the Ministry of industry and information technology

relying on the strong support of technology, tangling Zhigui technology company has completed three rounds of financing, and has just entered the small-scale commercial stage, it has obtained an annual income of 50million yuan. Duan Zhangling's driverless system has been settled in Taoyuan Coal Mine of Huaibei mining, and the company is negotiating with a world 500 powerful enterprise to plan to build a model project of mine unmanned transportation and strive to go abroad

learning business: finding money and people has a lot of knowledge

AI entrepreneurship can't do without technology, but it can't do only with technology

"entrepreneurship is nothing more than looking for money and people; managing money and people." Wang Yang told China Youth Daily Zhongqing that "due to lack of social experience, students may often lack the ability to run companies. They need to find good tutors and institutions to coach him"

for Tang Ling, the problem of money doesn't seem to be difficult, but it took a lot of trouble to set up a team. His partner is Chen Chang, a "stranger" he met from the technical exchange community

Tang Ling and Chen Chang "met" in a blockchain technology competition. Tang Ling remembered: "his team won the first place. I persuaded him to start a business with me."

how to judge whether a stranger is reliable

Tang Ling told several key words: honesty, full communication, cross judgment. Based on the principle of honesty, he constantly exchanged views with each other, and then understood each other from the side through the intersection in the social circle, which was the basis for Tang Ling and his partners to build trust

as for other problems about business norms, he chose to find capable people to solve them for him through recruitment. At the same time, everyone also taught each other experience and made common progress. "There are regular sharing meetings within our company, and we all learn about all aspects of problems." The corporate culture formulated by Tang Ling is simple, open and lifelong learning

unlike Tang Ling, Duan Zhangling is much smoother in finding people. Many of his team members have a deep understanding of the teacher, but in terms of money, he seems to be particularly cautious that Jiangyin Runda company also focuses on fully degradable packaging materials

on the issue of finding strategic investors, Wang Yang also believes that student entrepreneurs should take a cautious attitude and not rush for success

Duan Zhangling is not in a hurry to raise money. He has been picking the olive branch thrown at him. He has seen the detours others have taken, which makes him show his calmness beyond his age in financing

he knows that resources are more important than money for his projects. He is waiting for mining funds to lead the investment, which is equivalent to the industry issuing an approval certificate with capital. Only with such funds can he really open the situation

but even though he had thought it over and considered it carefully, Duan Zhangling, like many fledgling students, encountered various problems in the process of entrepreneurship

"for example, we want to apply for a preferential policy now, and suddenly require to submit an entrepreneurship and employment certificate. We didn't know that such a certificate existed before, and we haven't done it for a long time." Duan Zhangling hopes that the entrepreneurship policy can be more convenient at the operational level

"we should not only encourage students to start a business with the energy they use accounting for about 12% of the total energy consumption of the national economy, but also give them systematic training. At least let them have a detailed understanding of entrepreneurial elements, procedures, policies and regulations." Han Jianghong said, "in addition, the society also needs to provide these young entrepreneurs with stable expectations in terms of policies, so that they can believe that what they do will have what results. This can also avoid irregular operations."

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