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In the post epidemic era, how can scientific and technological innovation help the implementation of new infrastructure concepts and economic recovery

in 2020, a sudden outbreak of novel coronavirus has had an all-round and far-reaching impact on the global society, economy, science and technology, among which the most prominent impact is the development of emerging technology economy

in this round of digital economic development, China is dominated by new infrastructure. Compared with the traditional infrastructure field, the core of the construction and development of new infrastructure lies in technological innovation. Focusing on technological innovation while driving the development of other industries, the promotion of new infrastructure will play a key role in the recovery of urban economy in the post epidemic era

based on this background, the United Nations development program and Phoenix Satellite TV jointly launched Phoenix Longxing and Tsinghua Sichuan energy interconnection Research Institute to jointly create a series of online or high temperature limited exchange meetings for intelligent integration of new infrastructure in the post epidemic era, inviting experts and scholars from all walks of life to jointly discuss and judge the cutting-edge trends and development prospects of China's new infrastructure, green finance and scientific and technological innovation, Share the new direction of win-win cooperation in the post epidemic era. Ms. Shi Jinbo, the founder of Dongguan Liqun Automation Technology Co., Ltd., was invited to participate in the second post epidemic era. How can scientific and technological innovation help the implementation of new infrastructure concepts and economic recovery? The online exchange meeting with the theme of "new infrastructure" shared with you some views and views on the importance of LEGO in the production and implementation of creative toy products in the field of industrial automation. At the same time, representatives from Shenzhen artificial intelligence industry association, Hong Kong artificial intelligence and Robotics Society, Tsinghua Sichuan energy interconnection Research Institute, Hong Kong Academy of Applied Sciences, United Nations Development Programme and Beijing Aerospace Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Development Co., Ltd. also participated

picture source: Phoenix Satellite TV's Longxing world column

as a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the R & D, production, sales and application of light-weight high-end industrial robots, Li Qun automation has adhered to independent innovation for many years, based on localization development, and is committed to providing excellent robot products and services for global manufacturing enterprises

how to quickly connect the scientific and technological innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises with the market

in the process of the round table exchange, the host also met the standard. Just in this specific environment this year, how to quickly connect the scientific and technological innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises with the market asked questions. Shi Jinbo said that from the industrial automation industry, the new infrastructure is more in line with the trend. The rapid development of economy drives the rapid improvement of required manufacturing technology, which involves the innovative development of robot technology and intelligent technology, which is also the original intention of Li Qun automation

for enterprises in the industrial field, how to quickly connect with the market, on the one hand, they should find their own positioning in the traditional field and precipitate their own technology, on the other hand, they should constantly promote a value to the market, so that they can have a process from being used to traditional manufacturing to gradually realizing the high efficiency brought by new technology, otherwise these emerging scientific and technological innovation achievements are difficult to convert into practical value

in the process of integrating with the market, capital can also purchase multiple sets of equipment at the same time. In terms of the integration between production and research teams, Shi Jinbo believes that for the industrial automation industry, it is not only a physical manufacturing industry, but also faces a lot of competition at home and abroad, and the investment cycle it needs will be more difficult. But now more and more professional investors know how to distinguish core technology, production value, team value, etc., which will be relatively more effective

the combination of innovative scientific research technology and traditional production methods is being accepted by the market, and this signal is particularly obvious after the epidemic, Shi Jinbo added. The most intuitive reason is that the application of robots and the choice of domestic brands are increasing. On the one hand, it is product technology and on the other hand, it is professional services. In the case of Li Qun automation, years of precipitation and accumulation have made domestic robots more and more widely recognized in terms of quality and performance, and localized enterprises are more targeted to meet the needs of customers

how to solve the problem of talents in small and medium-sized enterprises

in the process of enterprise development, the biggest problem is people. With the development of new infrastructure, it will also bring a gap of high-tech talents. Facing the talent problem, Shi Jinbo mainly analyzes it from the perspective of technical people. She believes that general technical talents want to be sophisticated, but for customers, it is important to make products that meet their needs. As far as returning to the enterprise is concerned, from the practice of Li Qun automation, if there is just the right person, it is best, but we don't expect to find talents in this process. The best way to solve the problem is to be a technical person who jumps into the market to face the doubts and challenges of customers

in the moment, the R & D of the headquarters of Li Qun automation has also been strengthened. At the same time, some can be divided into regional independent projects, so we will go to the places where there are dense talents needed for this project, directly recruit talents and solve them locally

through this online round table discussion, we can see that in the post epidemic era, as a national high-tech enterprise, Liqun automation will unswervingly continue to follow the road of independent research and development, integrate with the market, promote talent development, use the power of scientific and technological innovation to promote social development and help new infrastructure. Liqun automation is not only based on the present, but also oriented to the long term

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