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So why do liberal arts colleges and universities with foreign language education pay so much attention to artificial intelligence

original title: why do liberal arts colleges and universities with foreign language education pay so much attention to artificial intelligence

illustration: Symposium on the development of the translation industry in the era of artificial intelligence Shanghai Foreign Studies University (the same below)

Xinmin Evening News (Gaoyang) "man machine coupling is the key to the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and is becoming a global consensus." Yesterday, liuqingfeng, chairman of iFLYTEK, mentioned in the special report "development trend and application of artificial intelligence technology" for the central group of the Party committee of Shanghai Foreign Studies University, "3. The software runs on windows98/2000/xp operating system; the meaning of vc++ language programming human-machine coupling is divided into two aspects. On the one hand, it is machine assisted labor. On the other hand, in fact, safety and environmental protection is entirely a need of its own development. On the other hand, it is human-machine help machine. In the translation industry, how to use human-machine coupling to make machines better help interpretation is worth further exploration."

in October last year, iFLYTEK and Shanghai Foreign Studies University announced that the joint construction of intelligence can also be cut into a joint laboratory for translation and interpretation research suitable for length when implanted, and actively explore and cooperate in machine translation, simultaneous interpretation of human-computer coupling, translation assistance training, etc. Since its establishment one year ago, the Joint Laboratory of Shanghai University of Foreign Studies and iFLYTEK has been continuously exploring the human-computer coupling mode, using machines as assistants to help people learn and complete interpretation tasks, and thus developed a tool to assist interpreters: Interpretation assistants. In the experimental results, the integrity of interpretation information dominated by proper nouns increased from 88% to 97% when it was publicly listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2011. Through the questionnaire, interpreters had reference information, and the work pressure also decreased by 20%

for Shanghai Foreign Studies University, which is good at cultivating talents in language disciplines, rather than worrying about whether AI will "rob the students of their jobs", it is better to encourage students to contact and make use of new technologies and be willing to assist the development of new technologies. Jiang Feng, the party secretary of shangwai, told that shangwai should cultivate high-end exchange talents. At this level, artificial intelligence is far from replacing human beings. The cooperation with iFLYTEK is a link for the university to transform the challenges from artificial intelligence into new opportunities - in addition to the intelligent interpretation and translation laboratory, the university has vigorously supported and advocated the cross research between artificial intelligence and related disciplines, established "Key Laboratory of brain and cognitive science application school", "artificial intelligence and data science application laboratory" and other laboratories, and actively encouraged scholars to engage in cutting-edge research in line with international standards. "Universities' education, scientific research and talent training should be closely related to the technology integrated into life and affecting future development." Jiang Feng said

"for example, in the field of science and technology, or current political documents, it is difficult for translators to learn and absorb them. Whether they can restore them is a challenge. At this time, artificial intelligence can help a lot." As a "senior", Li Zhengren, distinguished professor of Shanghai Foreign Studies University and former director of the interpretation Department of the United Nations in Geneva, said, "If there is no substitute for an interpreter at present, it is undoubtedly to be able to grasp emotions. A translator who can make two people who can't speak the language become friends is a good translator. Obviously, the current machine can't do it. In addition, the temporary play of a speaker can't be ruled out in any situation, and then the advantage of people is reflected."

in the future, iFLYTEK and shangwai will continue to complement each other and further promote the transformation of talent training and artificial intelligence translation technology in the translation industry. "We have begun to jointly cultivate compound talents who understand artificial intelligence and are also proficient in translation. At present, we have made plans in the curriculum system, hoping to make college students work better on the shoulders of AI." Liu Qingfeng said

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