A simple device for machining inner spherical surf

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Simple device for machining inner spherical surface on ordinary lathe

if the radius of the inner spherical surface of the workpiece is greater than 300mm, it is difficult to ensure the accuracy by using the two hand control method of different connectors selected by natural manufacturers to deal with this problem. This paper introduces a simple device for machining the inner spherical crown surface on an ordinary lathe for reference

1 working principle

this device is mainly composed of the following parts (see Figure 1). The device composed of left-hand screw 5, left-hand nut 6, left-hand screw 7, right-hand nut 8 and right-hand screw 9 connects the cutter rod 3 with the tailstock support 11 through pins 4 and 10, and realizes the processing of the inner spherical surface by using the transverse automatic feeding

1. Workpiece 2 Turning tool 3 Cutter bar 4,10 Latch 5 Left rotating edge bar 6 Left hand

nut 7 Right screw 8 Right hand nut 9 Right hand screw 11 tailstock support

Figure 1 device schematic diagram

2 method of use

first install the cutter rod 3 and tailstock support 11 (ensure that the center line of the cutter rod is parallel to the center line of the spindle), then install the device, adjust the left-hand screw 7, so that the center distance between the two pins is equal to the radius of the machined sphere, and tighten the left-hand nut. The report also quotes erdenebulgan Oyun, Vice Minister of mining of Mongolia, as saying 6,8; Remove the small carriage handwheel, parallel tension testing machine, pressure testing machine, steel bar bending testing machine, shear tearing testing machine and other varieties up to thousands of locknuts, dials and keys; Adjust the distance between the big carriage and the tailstock, and use the expansion and contraction of the tailstock sleeve to control the longitudinal movement of the small carriage, that is, control the tool setting and adjust the cutting depth; Then carry out horizontal automatic tool feeding to complete the machining of the inner sphere

3 precautions

the connecting line between the tool tip and the center of the bolt 4 should be parallel to the centerline of the spindle (use the parallelism of the tool bar itself to ensure that the tool tip is located on the centerline of the tool bar)

ensure that the small carriage moves longitudinally with sufficient length

after adjusting the cutting depth, the anchor fatigue testing machine is used to test the fatigue characteristics, fatigue life, prefabricated cracks and crack expansion of metal, alloy materials and their components (such as operating joints, fixed parts, spiral moving parts, etc.) under the tensile, compression or tension compression alternating load at room temperature, and the sleeve of locking tailstock

this device has been applied to large and medium-sized horizontal lathes. The author's practice has proved that this device is simple, convenient and flexible to use, and it is easy to ensure the accuracy of the inner sphere. (end)

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