How does the hottest coating industry penetrate in

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How does the coating industry penetrate into the third and fourth tier markets

how does the coating industry penetrate into the third and fourth tier markets

July 24, 2013

[China coating information] in recent years, on the one hand, the competition in the first and second tier markets is very fierce, with high-end brands, expensive resources, and the market tends to be stable and saturated. If coating enterprises want to make a difference in such markets, they need to spend several times of investment; On the other hand, with the development of economy, the third and fourth tier market has grown rapidly. How to seize the opportunity of the third and fourth tier market

products should be deformed

first of all, the installation of pressure testing machines is not level. In the third and fourth tier market, which has gradually grown up, consumers' brand awareness has gradually awakened, and the original simple, low-end products can no longer meet their needs. According to this situation, coating enterprises should make rapid adjustments in products

1. Products are close to the needs of the third and fourth tier markets

when developing new products, many high-end enterprises often intentionally or unintentionally ignore the needs of consumers in the third and fourth tier markets, believing that the development of such products will affect the image of high-end brands and is not conducive to enterprises to enter first tier cities. Such concerns are unnecessary. The success of the third and fourth tier market will not affect its brand image. On the contrary, it has greatly enhanced its brand awareness and market share, which is a measure of both fame and wealth

2. Packaging should conform to group aesthetics

although the cultural quality and aesthetic taste of consumers in the third and fourth tier cities are not as good as those in the first tier cities, great changes have taken place compared with the past. In the process of consumption, people are not only satisfied with the demand for food, but also pay more attention to the aesthetic value and emotional value reflected by the commodity packaging, and hope to get the satisfaction and enjoyment of beauty

3. Reasonable price and excellent taste

popular consumption pursues practicality and safety. Many agricultural products are fast-moving consumer goods, with strong demand and large average daily sales volume as its main characteristics; Therefore, when determining the price system, enterprises should follow the principle of small profits but quick turnover, so that products can reach more consumers. At the same time, low-end price does not mean poor quality. Excellent taste is the magic weapon for products to quickly win the third and fourth tier markets

the strategy should sink, and the brand should highlight the strategic sink of

coating enterprises. The fundamental reason lies in the growing digital quantification of direct reading consumption in third and fourth tier cities. The increase of income directly drives the inaccuracy of the results of the consumption capacity test and the increase of desire, which improves the attractiveness of the low-line market to the brand. At the same time, the perfect infrastructure also makes the strategic sinking of coating enterprises possible. Let "sinking" become the consensus of many coating enterprises, but from the moment when the sinking strategy is really launched, the test faced by the brand is really kicked off

channels still need intensive cultivation. In order to become a strong brand in the third and fourth tier market, the focus of paint enterprise management lies in the process of in-depth marketing, the refinement of sales channels, and the specialization of marketing means

how to distribute the profits most reasonably? How can the dealers give back more profits to the terminal and benefit the whole chain? In order to maximize benefits, no matter how meticulous the sales means are, it is important to have large mainstream channels, and small links cannot be missed. While focusing on big profits, we must not ignore small sales. Only in this way can we make a big profit and maximize the small profit

in the operation of third and fourth tier cities, in addition to the complex channel supply chain management, the adaptation of local policies and regulations, and the shortage of talents, what kind of groups of consumers they face, what their media contact habits are, and what should be an efficient media communication combination, are all questions that brands need to answer in the "1035" period

compared with the first and second tier cities, consumers in the third and fourth tier cities will also pay more attention to brands, but the brand in their eyes may be related to whether a product is the endorsement of a big star, or whether it is mentioned by opinion leaders in the circle. In order to save face and meet vanity, they are even more likely to be moved by the lifestyle or concept advocated by the brand and are willing to spend several times their income to buy it. Therefore, brand marketing is everywhere, and the key is to see who can find the right demand

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