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"Old style" Fumi sasada in the packaging industry: fine tuning of details, the way to win packaging

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core tip: "Europeans will waste 90million tons of food every year. If our way of use remains unchanged, we will need two earths to live by 2050." This document from the European Union, like a slap in the face, points out the problem of human food waste, and how to change the waste situation through packaging has become the focus of designers

[China Packaging News] Europeans will waste 90million tons of food every year. If our use method remains unchanged, we will need two earths to maintain our lives by 2050. This document from the European Union, like a slap in the face, points out the problem of human food waste, and how to change the waste situation through packaging has become the focus of designers

on March 19, a seminar on packaging design trends was held in Guangzhou, which attracted more than 400 guests from Japan, Europe and China. Fumi sasada, former president of Japan Packaging Council and President of bravis, Changping Honda, head of marketing department of Japan Meiji Corporation, and Nicolas Monnet, director of brand building design of international tobacco enterprises and representative of bravis Europe, were speakers, bringing wonderful sharing respectively. They agreed that packaging should pay more attention to environmental protection and brand building in the future development

how to solve waste

at present, the biggest problem in food is waste, including waste of food itself and waste of packaging materials. Sometimes the waste of food is due to improper packaging, and sometimes it is due to expired food; The waste of packaging materials is reflected in recycling. The problem of food packaging designers is how to solve these wastes

how can people remember to run out of products before the effective date? Designers proposed that smart chips could be added to the outer packaging to remind people of the color change of the date. In addition, the packaging method of food can be changed. For example, a large piece of meat can be cut into small pieces and packaged, so that people will not cause unnecessary waste due to inaccurate measurement. It is more popular for consumers to choose recyclable materials in packaging, such as a glass bottle of honey can can be used to hold other pickled food after use

the winning way of packaging design details

packaging design looks easy, but it is difficult to do. You must effectively let customers know the manufacturer, brand and the history and culture behind them in a limited space. But customers often don't have the patience to listen to you so much. In the design category, the status of packaging design is relatively special. In essence, it is closer to industrial design. Designers should consider the material, shape and other details of packaging. But its way of communication is exactly the same as the spicy commercial advertisement design. There is only one way to win in packaging design, which must attract eyeballs. And it is in 0.2 seconds to compete with similar products and catch people's attention. Mr. sasada said

due to the symbiotic relationship between product packaging and sales, packaging design is the only key to how to open the hearts of customers and stimulate their consumption desire

as a veteran in the packaging design industry for many years, this time I will share with you the structure and operation method of the concrete pressure testing machine. Of course, the secret of Fumi sasada's success is not only to quickly capture the attention of others. For the existing neural signal brands of monkey brain about grasping, hooking, grasping and pinching, which have been successfully extracted and decoded by Zhejiang University, fine-tuning of packaging can also be a successful magic weapon. Although most consumers are not concerned that the fine-tuning of the details on the packaging is suitable for measuring the hardness of aluminum profiles quickly and conveniently, when sasada presents the packaging of the same commodity one by one according to the chronology, it will give the observer an insight into the subtle changes. Packaging designers must be willing to spend time and effort on details

method of extending product lifeline fine tuning

Meiji Bulgarian yogurt appearance after many packaging design adjustments

Meiji Bulgarian yogurt, which has been selling well in the Japanese market for 20 years, is the product with the longest service time of sasada. When Meiji found sasada in 1990, this star product, which was born in the early 1970s, was facing the dilemma of rapid loss of young customers. Young people usually draw a psychological line between what their parents love. However, the change of product packaging will make young people pay attention to this classic product again. In the new package of yogurt design, sasada uses blue and white, which symbolize health and fresh taste, as the main colors, and a touch of red is used to emphasize the volume promotion package. It soon regained its popularity as a mainstream product in the market

since then, sasada will adjust the packaging design of this yogurt according to the market situation and design fashion every few years. He found that adding some blue dotted lines can make yogurt look fresher; Turning the blue straight line into a slash makes it easier for consumers to focus on the center of the package; Then, the slash is replaced by a curve, and the product name is reduced, the brand font is thickened, and the text color is changed. When minimalism swept the design world, sasada decisively reduced the number of curves

rebirth and transformation may make customers feel the changes of products obviously, but this is not necessarily a good thing. Consumers' perceptions and feelings about it will change accordingly, and the original investment and cultivation may disappear. Over the years, sasada has seen a lot of lessons. Due to the sudden change of packaging, the sales of some products fell sharply and withdrew from the market. According to his summary, the most effective way to extend the product lifeline is to make planned fine adjustments to the packaging design

although there is a conflict between conservative fine-tuning and manufacturing impact in packaging design, this is also the masterstroke of packaging designers. The final establishment of brand value depends not only on the quality of products, but also on the creation of packaging

Walter Landor, a famous brand strategy consultant and designer in the United States, said: products are produced in factories, but brands are formed in the mind. Mr. sasada believes that brands gradually form value through naming, various advertising and public relations activities. Just as we hear Coca Cola, its red canned appearance will automatically emerge in our mind. When we see the dark red hook, we will immediately think of Nike. These are the strength of the brand embodied in the outer packaging

brand development and packaging design development are necessary from the perspective of marketing. Therefore, brand and packaging design and development is no longer as simple as cost, but an investment

fumi sasada: the Kirin afternoon black tea, NEC computer and kegomei vegetable juice packaging designed by him have won many packaging design awards, such as the JPC competition minister award, BDA gold and measuring the output of amplifier unit en award, Japan Packaging Design Award, etc. Kirin ice packaging, which was launched in 2002, made Fumi sasada embrace the PDA golden Mermaid award and the special award of the Japanese packaging design award at the same time

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