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A kind of PLC control configuration software. From the current situation, the function analysis and application examples

I. Introduction

the configuration software integrates graphics technology, man-machine interface technology, database technology, control technology, network and communication technology, so that the control system developers do not need to rely on a specific computer language, but can complete the monitoring software design through visual configuration, reducing the difficulty of monitoring image development. The configuration software has a wealth of tool boxes, graphic libraries and operation guides, so that developers can avoid many repetitive development work in software design, improve development efficiency and shorten development cycle. It has become one of the main software development tools of the monitoring system

at present, there are many mature configuration software products. In addition to general configuration software, there are also some special configuration software for configuring specific control systems. Among these special configuration software, Mitsubishi's sw2d5c-gotre (gotre) is a special software for PLC control system configuration so as to make a return visit when necessary. It supports the PLC products of Mitsubishi, Omron, Toshiba, sharp, Yasukawa, allen-b and other companies, and provides a powerful tool for PLC system monitoring

II. Function analysis

1. Perfect configuration function

gotere provides a variety of controller libraries, graphic control and functional components, which can configure various display and control functions, create pictures and information and link them with PLC programs, visualize the system operation status, current process values and faults in graphical form, and provide a friendly man-machine interface to operate the monitored equipment or system, Display, record, store and process the real-time data in the PLC system to meet various monitoring requirements

2. Distinctive monitoring functions

gotre not only provides routine monitoring functions such as process display, status monitoring, fault alarm, formula management, but also provides a variety of extended monitoring functions specially designed for PLC system. It mainly includes:

(1) ladder diagram monitoring monitors the PLC CPU program in the form of ladder diagram to understand the program operation at any time. Excellent and perfect after-sales service will be provided according to the following terms:

(2) system monitoring divides the monitoring screen into four windows, and monitors the buffer memory classification of various software components and expansion units inside the PLC

(3) special module monitoring monitors the signal status of special function modules and i/o modules in the PLC system. Among the above expanded monitoring functions, various soft components and buffer memory data in PLC can be modified, and can also be used to monitor other stations in the network

(4) network monitoring can monitor network line status, communication status and loop status in this station to obtain network information

3. Flexible communication and networking functions

gotre provides a variety of communication drivers, which can be interconnected with a variety of communication protocols, and can choose RS-232C, rs-422/rs-485 and other communication modes. It supports the loop, bus and open network structure of hardware, and can monitor other stations in the connected station from the master station or any slave station. Gotre can directly access various soft components and buffers inside PLC and its expansion module; By using a variety of communication commands provided by gotre, data can be exchanged with the master station microcomputer upward to realize interconnection with the enterprise's top management

4. Perfect system maintenance and system safety functions

gotre provides a system maintenance kit to maintain and manage the hardware and software of the PLC system and provide system related information such as PLC CPU status; Set the system; Test and diagnose PLC hardware; Check the communication; Reports system memory and user memory information. The software provides 16 level password function to ensure the security of data information. The Lister in the tool kit can directly check and operate PLC programs and parameters on the touch screen. This function greatly facilitates the system maintenance and improves the reliability of the PLC control system

5. The windows style integrated development environment

gotre is composed of four modules: Project Manager, graphic designer, data converter and debugger. Each module is a separate windows application. Graphic designer is the core of gotre. The development environment under design mode includes components such as main menu, common toolbar, screen designer, template, tool panel and various dialog boxes, which provides powerful tools for picture design. Gotre adopts an open library and supports users to build their own library. The real-time database supports multiple data forms, and can receive BMP bitmap files and bxf format files generated by AutoCAD, The picture graphics can be dragged and scaled as required. Users can visually design monitoring pictures by using various controls provided by the software, and all monitoring tasks can be realized through graphical design

III. application of gotre in PLC monitoring system of cigarette production process

there are two cigarette production lines in the cigarette making workshop of a cigarette factory. Each cigarette making production line is composed of several cigarette machines and nozzle machines, process wind generation device, air flow static and dust treatment device and other auxiliary devices. The purpose of control is to stabilize the quality of cigarettes, reduce production energy consumption and reduce the impact on the environment. The control mode adopts two-level monitoring mode, PLC module, sensor, to perform the real-time control task of cigarette production process, including equipment electrical sequence control, interlocking protection and process parameter closed-loop control

plc system adopts FX2N series, including basic unit FX2N-80MR, a/d input module fx2n-4ad, and d/a output module fx2n-4da

as the human-machine interface unit (HMI) of the control system, the monitoring level monitors the cigarette production process and equipment through various monitoring images, and provides functions such as event information, data analysis parameter adjustment, report printing, etc., so that the operator can adjust the control strategy according to different working conditions, modify process parameters or directly regulate the production process. The monitoring level is composed of Mitsubishi a970-got graphic operation terminal (got), which is a hardware platform specially designed for PLC system monitoring. It adopts an integrated structure. The host adopts 32-bit RISC CPU and 32-bit bus. The human-computer interface adopts color LCD touch screen. The graphic operation terminal also has printer and sound output interface. Through different communication interface units, It can be directly connected to PLC or connected to PLC network in a variety of ways

gotre's application program design is based on engineering, which consists of a group of monitoring picture files. Through configuration, the picture graphics are linked with PLC variables to realize real-time monitoring of measured point data. The configuration principle of gotre is shown in Figure 1. The variable SW in the figure can be a soft element in PLC

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